iPhone Risk: Softbank-ing on Japan!

Softbank to sell iPhone 3G in Japan

From the land of the rising sun, and the trend of mono-sentence-ic press statements, Softbank has announced that they will be carrying the iPhone in Japan with -- wait for it -- details to follow later!

Unofficial beginning of June scorecard:

Launched: Austria (T-Mobile), France (Orange), Germany (T-Mobile), Ireland (O2), UK (O2), USA (AT&T)

Announced: Africa (Orange), Argentina (America Movil), Australia (Vodafone / SingTel), Austria (Orange), Belgium (Orange), Brazil (America Movil), Canada (Rogers), Chile (America Movil), Columbia (America Movil), the Czech Republic (Vodafone), Denmark (TeliaSonera), Dominican Republic (America Movil/ Orange), Ecuador (America Movil), Egypt (Vodafone / Orange), El Salvador (America Movil), Estonia (TeliaSonera), Finland (TeliaSonera), Greece (Vodafone), Guatamala (America Movil), Honduras (America Movil), Hong Kong SAR (Hutchison) India (Vodafone / SingTel), Italy (Vodafone / Telecom Italia), Jamaica (America Movil), Japan (Softbank), Jordan (Orange), Latvia (TeliaSonera), Lithuania (TeliaSonera), Macao (Hutchison), Mexico (America Movil), New Zealand (Vodafone), Nicaragua (America Movil), Norway (TeliaSonera), Paraguay (America Movil), Peru (America Movil), Philippines (SingTel), Poland (Orange), Portugal (Vodafone / Orange), Puerto Rico (America Movil), Romania (Orange), Singapore (SingTel), Slovakia (Orange), Spain (Movistar), South Africa (Vodafone), Switzerland (Swisscom / Orange), Turkey (Vodafone), Uruguay (America Movil)

Rumored: Netherlands (?),

Note: Extent of America Movil and Orange Africa deployment not yet fully detailed.

Still burning a hole in your direction, China! Only a few days to go...


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iPhone Risk: Softbank-ing on Japan!

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The question is will their be a viable market in the emerging markets for the iPhone? 90% of global subscriber growth was in the emerging markets segment in 2007. The Western world is facing over penetration and the beginning of stagnation in terms of subscriber worth. I question in markets where mobile rules as desktop computers are to expensive and it is cheaper to roll-out 3G networks than cable broadband infrastructure if a premium priced smart phone such as the iPhone will be able to build market share?
Check out this article for more info...
Be good to get your thoughts.