iPhone Risk: T-Mobile to Launch in Austria Tomorrow?

Iphone Risk Austria

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, ever since the 1.4 firmware dropped, complete with a carrier reference for T-Mobile in Austria, we've known who will carry Herr Jobs' miracle phone into its fifth European country. And now we know when!

Tomorrow, March 14th!

This revelations comes courtesy of Electronista (via Ars Technica) and the ever-lax security of T-Mobile private web pages (hit the aforementioned links for the screen caps).

The 8GB and 16GB versions will be available for €399 and €399 respectively, with rate plans ranging from €39 to €55, depending on the talk-time and SMS package. And unlike the Irish, it reportedly WILL rock Unlimited Data and Visual Voice Mail.

Austrian iPhone fans, better get in line now before the Governator buys them all!

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iPhone Risk: T-Mobile to Launch in Austria Tomorrow?