iPhone Risk: TeliaSonera Scandi-Mania and Baltic Bash!

iPhone Risk Scandinavia and the Baltics

In keeping with other recent, ridiculously short and detail-free iPhone statements:

TeliaSonera today announced it has signed an agreement with Apple to bring the iPhone to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia later this year.

By Odin-One-Eye, the iPhone is coiling its way across the globe like the World Serpent in search of its tasty Thor-snack. Does this mean Ragnarok for Nokia on its home turf, or just that mythological metaphors strain awfully fast in blog intros?


Table shattering score card now link list:

Launched: Austria (T-Mobile), France (Orange), Germany (T-Mobile), Ireland (O2), UK (O2), USA (AT&T)

Announced: Africa (Orange), Argentina (America Movil), Australia (Vodafone / SingTel), Austria (Orange), Belgium (Orange), Brazil (America Movil), Canada (Rogers), Chile (America Movil), Columbia (America Movil), the Czech Republic (Vodafone), Denmark (TeliaSonera), Dominican Republic (America Movil/ Orange), Ecuador (America Movil), Egypt (Vodafone / Orange), El Salvador (America Movil), Estonia (TeliaSonera), Finland (TeliaSonera), Greece (Vodafone), Guatamala (America Movil), Honduras (America Movil), India (Vodafone / SingTel), Italy (Vodafone / Telecom Italia), Jamaica (America Movil), Jordan (Orange), Latvia (TeliaSonera), Lithuania (TeliaSonera), Mexico (America Movil), New Zealand (Vodafone), Nicaragua (America Movil), Norway (TeliaSonera), Paraguay (America Movil), Peru (America Movil), Philippines (SingTel), Poland (Orange), Portugal (Vodafone / Orange), Puerto Rico (America Movil), Romania (Orange), Singapore (SingTel), Slovakia (Orange), South Africa (Vodafone), Switzerland (Swisscom / Orange), Turkey (Vodafone), Uruguay (America Movil)

Rumored: Netherlands (?),

Note: Extent of America Movil and Orange Africa deployment not yet fully detailed.

Lately I've been ending these by asking "Who's next?" but, honestly at this point, "who's left?"

Anyone want dibs on Antarctica?

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Reader comments

iPhone Risk: TeliaSonera Scandi-Mania and Baltic Bash!


We'll be talking about this in the Phone different podcast, but basically I still think all these announcements are presaging an entirely different way of activating the iPhone -- Do we really think that Apple is going to mess with carrier lockdowns at this point?

As complexity increases systems break down and tend towards the chaotic.
I think those guys on the PDcast might on to sum'in'...

"Does this mean Ragnarok for Nokia on its home turf, or just that mythological metaphors strain awfully fast in blog intros?"
Ahahah. You wish, mate.

Apple is saving the biggest bang for either just pre-WWDC announcement or at WWDC itself. That would be China, Japan, South Korea, and Russia.
Anyway, what's the holdup with Spain? Taiwan and Israel are also high usage nations that are missing from the list.

check the world map first, dude... u have put the indian placeholder on bangladesh, i think... respect the next superpower...