iPhone said to be coming to NTT DoCoMo this fall

iPhone said to be coming to NTT DoCoMo this fall

NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile carrier, will reportedly carry the iPhone starting this fall. While talks between Apple and NTT DoCoMo have been reported for awhile, it now seems that the deal is done. NTT DoCoMo has struggled against rivals that do carry the iPhone, according to Nikkei:

It was expected to NTT DoCoMo to launch smartphone of Apple (smartphone) "iPhone (iPhone)" on. I start the sales of new models this fall. The two companies entered the packed compromise, detail in the terms and conditions, such as a sales quota. Had been struggling in the contract acquired by KDDI offensive dealing with iPhone (au), Softbank DoCoMo. Competition of three companies mobile giant is likely more intense on the iPhone released by the largest.

It was reported that NTT DoCoMo was resisting the iPhone over Apple's demands that the iPhone be treated like it is on other carriers. That mean no carrier logo and no carrier apps pre-installed on the device. No doubt when the iPhone launches on the carrier this fall, it will be to Apple's conditions. Earlier reports stated that the new iPhones would release in Japan on September 20.

Anyone in Japan itching to get the iPhone on NTT DoCoMo?

Source: Nikkei, via MacRumors

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iPhone said to be coming to NTT DoCoMo this fall


This is HUGE if true.

It will be interesting to see how DoCoMo's LTE network compares with SoftBank, who have been aggressively rolling out their "Platinum band" 900MHz they were awarded by the government early last year. But even if DoCoMo's LTE isn't up to snuff, they will sell a metric shitload of iPhones.


Japan's BIG 3 (NTT DoComo, KDDI and Softbank) now will carry the iPhone. It will be interesting to see who gives the best offers; will the iPAD be next?

Of course Docomo will be selling the iPad. I'm sure that was a driving factor in Docomo's acceptance of Apple's terms. Corporate Japan is probably Docomo's major customer base, and Corporate Japan's mobile forces will soon be migrating from the bulky, insecure notebooks with cumbersome Internet modems (many provided by Docomo), to the more sleek and secure tablets, namely the iPad. That means a full data plan for each iPad sold to corporate Japan. (To maintain security, companies cannot rely on WiFi-only iPads.) And if a company is deploying the iPad, the obvious smart phone to deploy is the iPhone. A kind of reverse halo effect.