iPhone SDK Beta/iTunes Connect Contracts Extended to July 11

The Situation: Developers who signed up for Apple's iPhone SDK Beta and iTunes Connect program last year are coming up on their 1 year renewal deadline.

The Problem: Apple has no mechanism in place to handle such renewals.

The solution: Er... there is none -- yet. But in the meantime, Ars Technica's Erica Sadun reports:

Apple has now e-mailed iPhone developers to extend their memberships until July 11, 2009. A short-term solution to the problem is good, but it shows that Apple is still working out the longer-term details.

Here's hoping them details get worked out soon rather than later.

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Reader comments

iPhone SDK Beta/iTunes Connect Contracts Extended to July 11


why would you want them to resolve this sooner than later? I for one am quite happy with apple extending my contract without me having to pay another 100$

my dad has just given me his iPhone and i put my sim into it and tryed to connect it to itunes but on the screeen it says "repair needed iphone cannot make calls or recive them" i have gone onto the apple website and i havent found anything that can help me.
do you know what i could do

i think the iphone uses a special sim card... my friend had a first generation iphone and he switch after a year to the bold and he had to get a new sim card... hopefully that helps you

Can't you see what they are doing.
they are lining up to release a new sdk and iphone in june or july
that is why they haven't put a renew butten in yet.