iPhone SDK Downloads Top 100,000 in Just Four Days. RIM, Microsoft Watch in Horror


It seems like only yesterday Apple's servers were overwhelmed by the unbridled lust of developers, feverishly downloading the newly released iPhone SDK, going offline and back again like cheap Christmas tree lights. Today Apple is reporting that over 100,000 SDK downloads have been made in a span of just four days. That's amazing considering that traffic bottleneck prevented downloading to occur for hours at a time, and Apple's iPhone developer page was broken for nearly two days.

Makes you wonder how much higher that figure would be if everything had gone smoothly out of the gate. 500,000 perhaps?


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Reader comments

iPhone SDK Downloads Top 100,000 in Just Four Days. RIM, Microsoft Watch in Horror


don't you have to pay $99 or something for the sdk???? Did apple just get amaizingly richer over the last two days as well!! Not forgetting the genius bit of business by making sure you have to own a mac in order to use it! Apple I want to work for you!!!!

Seth, the SDK is free. That $99 premium you refer to is entry cost to Apple's Developer Connection program, which is purely optional, not mandatory.
As to Mac requirement... big deal, I say. Mac Mini is available at low-cost, and most professional developers own Macs already, in one form or another. Besides, this is sauce for the goose; Windows apps can't be developed on Mac. Is that Microsoft's fault. Different platforms, different development environments.