iPhone Made Simple Give Away Winners and Discount Coupon Code!

iPhone 3G Made Simple Book

Last Thursday TiPb helped offer up 5 free copies of iPhone 3G Made Simple by Martin Trautschold and Gary Mazo. We'll announce the winners after the break, but for everyone else, Gary and Martin were kind enough to offer up a 15% off coupon valid through August 15, 2009.

Coupon Code: FB6DD9D4B8

To redeem the 15% off Coupon:
Go to the iPhone 3G Made Simple E-Book site
On the account setup page, copy/paste the coupon code into the "COUPON" field on the bottom.
Click "Continue" to see the discount on the next page.

Winners after the break!

  • schartzr
  • Matt74
  • jlc1978
  • reesrk8
  • emily0605

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iPhone Made Simple Give Away Winners and Discount Coupon Code!


The information contained on this website and in the forums vastly overshadows the information that could be found in a book like this. Plus, what about 3GS? Is that why this is on sale now?