Updated: iPhone Sirius XM Application Now Available But Wait... No Stern?!


Update: TiPb contacted Sirius XM regarding the omission on some of their most popular content within

If you've been waiting for this application I'm sure you are well aware of the history leading up to it's release. Well, TiPb is here to tell you that you can finally wave hello to the long awaited Sirius XM streaming application. [iTunes Link] The application is free to download and there are a few monthly payment options available to you:


blockquote>Streaming to iPhone and iPod Touch is FREE with a paid Premium SIRIUS Internet Radio or Premium XM Radio Online subscription. You can also sample great SIRIUS & XM content with a FREE TRIAL. Visit siriusxm.com/oniphone for more details.

Now the bad news for all of the Stern fans out there, you can not listen to the Stern show on the go! If that is not a kick below the belt I don't know what is...


blockquote>Some select programming, including MLB® Play-by-Play, NFL Play-by-Play, SIRIUS NASCAR® Radio, and Howard Stern, will not be available on the iPhone and iPod touch. Listeners will continue to be able to access that programming through the platforms they are currently offered on.

I don't know about you, but I'm keeping my $2.99 a month.

[Ed: If by some stretch you're still interested, check out Jeff Scott's write up over at 148Apps]

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Reader comments

Updated: iPhone Sirius XM Application Now Available But Wait... No Stern?!


Wow, just wow. Way too bomb Sirius...
Going to be the laughing stock of the internet. Listening to Howard now, wonder how many calls he gets about it. He has personally talked about this app many times and how awesome it would be; including he would get an iPhone for the app.

The ball has been dropped, where's Dick Clark?
Sirius without Howard Stern...why bother. He is the reason that the company exists...
If this is a contractual issue then it should have been resolved prior to its release.

Let's get the email addresses of the important people posted online, so everyone can email them, and let them know how much we want channel 100 on this program.

Actually - Apple/Sirius-XM is being very smart keeping him off. Both companies are progressive, modern, and relevant whereas the greedy old bird-lady is not. Some people are "in it" for the craft, some people are "in it" for the money.

I'm sure Stern is in it for the craft...that might explain the first 10 years he did it for pennies. I would hope he would not be a roadblock in getting his channel out to the iPhone audience. Stern made a revolutionary move by going to Satellite and this would be another feather in the cap for the king of all media...now mobile radio!

About d*** time. Unfortunately for this XM subscriber, I started using Pandora radio about two months ago and don't know that I can put it back in the box and listen to XM again.

No Stean... and apparently no joy in Canada either; this is a US app from the looks of it.
With that and the up-coming TomTom app/mount, my little phone could have replaced two devices in my car rather than just one.

I'm excited for the TomTom application too. Sirius-XM, where is the truthful explanation for no Stern on this app? We have waited for MONTHS! At this point, let's hope the Starplayr project gets rekindled...that was a solid application with a lot of potential!

I haven't heard Howard mention it yet. I emailed him, I think am going to call into the Wrap Up Show as I know many of the Stern staff are iPhone users and they will probably know about this. If Howard hears about this you know he won't have much problem going right to CEO Mel or his program director Tim and finding out what the hell they are thinking. Howard will fix this!
On the plus side, the app does indeed work pretty well. I tried it on 3G and the streams are clear and load pretty quick. No extra charge for me it just really kills me no Howard, was hoping to be able to use it at work since they cut off our streaming over the network there.

@harv - You are missing the point. I'm not talking about the first 10 years. I'm talking about the past 10 years. HooHoo didn't make any revolution by going to Satelite - more talented people made the move before him, and not because someone waved half of a billion dollars in front their faces. That's what he's "in it" for now - the money.
HooHoo will most likely not be coming to the app, because of the restrictions in place by the Canadian equivalent of the FCC.

I'm in the same boat sting7k. Our firewall is blocking Internet streams so I was so excited to hear this app was being released today...what a bummer that Howard isn't on it. That's the reason I have a Sirius subscription...they may lose a lot of subscribers if they don't remedy this soon...like before Monday of next week. I hope callers rip into this on the wrap up show and some real answers come out. Someone knows what's going on. Where's bababooey when you need him!?

stern has been doing the same crappy show day after day for the last 20+ years. it stopped being funny a long time ago so i could care less whether he is included on the app. i won't be getting it because i think it sucks that they started charging for internet streaming after the sirius takeover after i got it free from xm.

This just in:
Howard's contract expires in 18 months...the negotiations for getting him on the iPhone app are expected to conclude in 19 months...

Listening to Howard all morning, there has been no mention of it. Makes me think he is holding out for more money from Sirius before he will release the mobile rights for the iPhone app. He talks about everything, you don't think he would mention this? Sirius stock went up 23% this AM, but I bet it goes down the more word gets around that Howard channels are not available. I don't think Sirius is holding this up, they have everything to gain by including Howard, they just don't have the cash to pony up for Howard's mobile rights, because their stock price is still in the toilet, even after going up 23%. This is a power play by Stern for cash, he doesn't want any more stock.

@MrJNorden, I'm not trying to bicker or start an eFight... Howard is solely responsible for my getting a Sirius subscription...as is he solely responsible for 7 million other people getting a Sirius subscription. That's a proven fact that states his importance.
Would you suppose he continued to stay on commercial-laden censored radio? Hmmm, 500 million dollars and no censoring... he is in it to do his show the way he originally intended and got lucky with a sweet deal!

I'm thinking the reason behind them not having Stern on it is ATT. They probably looked at the stats of how many people listen online and figured it would overload their network to get that many people on and listening for the whole show.

I too was bummed when I found out this morning that you can't get Stern through this new iPhone app.
I guess I'll keep using PocketTunes to get Stern on the iPhone. It's a bit of a pain in the ass you have to type in those stupid letters and numbers to authenticate in order to log in (and you have to pay $10 for the player) but at least I can listen to Stern - now if he could only get some A level guests again.

Scott said "I guess I’ll keep using PocketTunes to get Stern on the IPhone." I've also been using this for many months. It is a pain, but overall its not bad for 10 bucks. I just am having a hard time believing that they would release this App and not have Stern on it, what a crock of....

@mikeq - this is about stern & money, not at&t. you couldn't be more wrong if you tried.
on another note, i'm predicting when stern's contract with sirius is up he goes back to terrestrial radio.

@firesign, why would he go back to terrestrial? If he is going to keep doing a show it will probably still be a Sirius show. My prediction is that he will go back to his roots of Robin, Fred, and Bababooey. He must be tired of the wackos on his staff and this is his big chance to ditch them
Also, why would stern not want his stream on the iphone app...it's on the web-based stream already and this is the same thing, same service, just different access point. i wouldn't think he would see a dime from this. The AT&T theory makes the most sense...after all they are worried MMS will bog their networks down....

Who cares about Stern, NFL, NASCAR or any of the others mentioned. They left out the one that matters most CBC Radio 3. I would have gladly paid $3 a month to be able to listen to CBCR3 when away from the computer.

As an XM Canada subscriber, I am setting aside 15 minutes to cancel my subscription. I have been holding on for months waiting for either Starplayr or this to surface. Starplayr sells out (I don't care what THEY say, they sold out), and now I'm on the outside looking in because of being a Canadian subscriber. I am not paying for PocketTunes either because I'm sure they will lose the ability to stream XM the day I'll buy it.
What a MAJOR, MAJOR disappoitment. :(

Do you guys really not know about Shoutcast? Plenty of stations streaming Stern on there. And it's free.

I used shoutcast on my palm tx and it was good. At this point, I'm willing to plunk down the 10 bucks to get the app, but I'm afraid that Sirius will now try and roadblock Shoutcast. Sirius really dropped the ball on this one, what the heck were they thinking? Idiots!

I just tried shoutcast and no go...there are howard 101 channels and one prerecorded stream, but nothing live that I could find. :( hurry up sirius. I did read that sirius wants to roll out this app sans stern to get a forecasted feel of how many pure sirius subscribers come aboard and then add stern after the app is release to all other smart phone formats. The guesstimate is perhaps a mid-july stern appearance...

I just cancelled my account as well. I was really looking forward to this, as I'm not in my car all that much anymore. But as a Canadian subscriber, I can't use this (plus I'm not paying a cent more then the current subscription charges). Oh well. :(

Hello People! The reason that Howard is not on the app is because he is a greedy Bastard. He said that it is a "contractual issue". In other words half a billion is not good enough for him, he wants extra to be streamed to the IPhone because it is not implicitly mentioned in his current contract.

I am disappointed whether Howard is on there or not, even though i listen to his show everyday.
My problem is, i have a usa siriusxm subscription, but i live in canada, so i cant even download the app for my usa subscription.
What a rip off!!

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