Regarding All Those iPhone on T-Mobile US Stories


Regarding all those iPhone on T-Mobile US stories clogging the interwebs lately: that's all they are -- stories. No leaked carrier roadmaps, no Cupertino commuters logging into popular Twitter apps via a T-Mobile IP. No Steven P. Jobs standing on a stage, announcing the CEO of T-Mobile, and a new, magenta (TM) iPhone.

It's just an analyst who thinks AT&T will someday lose exclusivity and Verizon is all Droid'ed up now, and T-Mobile is GSM like the iPhone (though not on the same 3G frequencies -- d'oh!), so why not?

We know some of you already use an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile's 2.5G/EDGE network. We know a lot of you would like an alternative to AT&T.

But there's no more to the story than that for now. In fact, there's less.

[Still, many thanks to everyone who sent every version our way!]

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JM says:

Love the rumor mills. Apparently earlier there was a story circulating twitter that Tiger Woods has AIDS.

BBYM#IM says:

Wow! Talking about att's 3g network sucks but they have 20X More 3g coverage then t-mobile. I really doubt apple will go to t-mobile it's like 1st iPhone all over again!

joeblow84 says:

Slow iPhone news day, Rene?

snakes2003g says:

I seriously doubt this has any carry to it at all. There is no possible way t mobiles network in the us could handle the iPhone. Especially with how many people would come to their network if this happened.

Jack says:

Did you see that unicorn running by?

Yobad says:

Oh it will happen! And then I will ride up in an m1 abrams tank shooting off roman candles playing ode to the chief on a 200 year old trumpet!
Although for some reason tmo did rank 2nd in that dumbass survey about the best cell carriers. Ask the ppl in indiana and they would put them in this order... Verizon, AT&T, tmo, sprint. And AT&T swapped. places with verizon if you live somewhere with 3g.

iDavey says:

So's down to Sprint and Cricket huh?
I got my money riding on Cricket.

drew j says:

wow waste of time.. can i get my 2 mins of life back..
and 20 bucks says tmob 3g coverage is the same if not better then att in 6 - 8 months

iDavey says:

I'm glad you got a sense of humor...unlike Jizzypants, lol.
@Drew J
I've actually heard nothing but good things of T-Mobile's 3G. Only thing's not widespread. Once they start getting it out, that will get that together. I mean, they're already planning 21Mbps expansion. So they're doing good.
I just hope they get LTE out quicker than 3G says:

I have a T-mobile 3GS Iphone and my wife has a 3GS iphone on AT&T and I have to agree, ATT coverage and ability to use the internet when you are on a call is a big plus
But the price difference is crazy. I have unlimited everything and pay $70, she has the same and pay $130.
Die hard iphone fans care about internet speed and ability to use your phone whenever you want, 80% of us in the city care about price 1st. That's why Cricket and Boost are growing rapidly. They need to do something about those expensive plans 1st. This is not 2001. We are in the age of $50 free everything

DJ-Duke says:

Well, T-Mobile is slowing launching their 3G network city by city... as we speak. So at least the stage is set. Also, The T-Mobile in Europe already carries the iPhone for their customers. What gives? This also means that one could buy an "imported" T-mobile iPhone...right?
Also, I've noticed that some places have started selling legally unlocked iPhones (for the cost of a kidney :) If that's the case, why can't T-mobile sell unlocked iPhones as well? I think T-Mobile just needs to hire a bunch of good lawyers to exploit loopholes in the AT&T/Apple exclusivity contract... Badda Bing, Badda Boom! :)

Consumer_Consultant says:

I was on the phone for an hour with an AT&T account rep & finally bumped up to what turned out to be a very honest resolution manager. I had pointed out the obvious backed by my industry knowledge of various plans, etc. I'm paying $230/month taxes-fees for two phones, one of which has unlimited talk and 1500 text ($130) the other an iPhone with 450 minute talk, 1500 text and data ($100). I noted for them alternatives (all with their own short-comings, admittedly), like unlocking my iPhone & moving to T-Mobile ($70 all inclusive). His reponse was he could understand an end consumer's problem with AT&T's pricing (especially in the light of AT&T charging their own GoPhone customers $60 prepaid for all inclusive unlimited voice/data/text) but in truth AT&T simply doesn't care. Their number crunchers have done the math and determined that consumers have no viable alternatives if they want the iPhone and thus will pay whatever AT&T chooses to charge and there will be no changes in the foreseeable future to make AT&T's pricing more competative. Again, this directly from an AT&T account rep supervisor. So there you have it. Right from the horses mouth.

Billy Haddad says:

I am a T-Mobile customer for the last 9 years and almost switched to AT&T last week just to get the iPhone. After the AT&T salesperson showed me the price plans, my cell bill would have jumped 135% compard to T-Mobile.
Why does AT&T force you to use their data plan? There's wifi almost anywhere you go. When I said that to the idiot in the AT&T store, his response was "what about when you're on the road?". Seriously? Does he want me to text and browse while I'm driving?
No thanks. I'll wait until T-Mobile get the iPhone. I survived decades without it, I can survive a few more months...

Max c says:

If apple is smart they will sell next year's new iPhone w/multi band chipset unlocked. Thats's the only sure fire way they will be able to continue to crush the likes of Android/Google.

Homer Sexual says:

Didn't the FCC require AT&T to sell off a significant number of transmitters as one of the conditions allowing the Cingular/AT&T merger? The primary beneficiary was to be T-mobile. A source close to me (who may or may not have intimate knowledge of the situation) hinted that T-Mobile actually has greater capacity and coverage and leases access to the former AT&T towers back to AT&T. Both networks are gsm and supposedly are very similar. I know here in Los Angeles MANY of my Iphone using friends constantly complain about substandard coverage on AT&T and get faster service if roaming on T-Mobile. I am a die hard Apple devotee, a former AT&T customer now a 6 year T-Mobile customer. I'm using a BB device :-( until I find out who wins the post AT&T Iphone race. .

Karim says:

@ Bill Haddad:
I totally agree with you! Sometimes those AT&T reps think from up their rear-end...

Christian Walton says:

Well reading this article waisted about 2min of my life. I don't think the person who wrote this is in anyplace to give news on this because if they haven't heard Apple and T-Mobile became partners late last year that's why if you live I. Germany you can buy an IPhone and in the article Apple released they said they can't wait to bring the IPhone to T-Moble which is the child of the company Deutch Telecom. Not only that but T-Mobile bought more spectrum which puts them right under Verizon and over Sprint. If you really want to know info about this topic before switching phone companies do some more RESEARCH!

Adolfo Biven says:

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