iPhone Unlocked, Accidently?

A reader sent me the following comment. I have no way of testing this myself, so take it for what it's worth. If anyone else can verify this process please contact me, or post a comment here immediately.

I accidently figured out how to unlock an iPhone for use without charge from AT&T, but with full support of the phones features including WiFi, but no AT&T service. Procedure: 1.) Obtain 2 iPhones 2.) Plug in iPhone #1 In iTunes select "I am a new AT&T Wireless Customer" and "Activate 2 or more phones on an individual or FamilyTalk Plan." 3.) Follow the steps for the FamilyTalk plan and enter "Cell Number X" to port a number over from another provider (e.g. Sprint) 4.) When the you receive the "Activation Complete" e-mail, plug in iPhone #2. 5.) Select the option "I am an existing AT&T (Cingular) wireless customer" and "Replace a phone on my account with this iPhone" 6.) Fill in the information re-using "Cell Number X." Allow the iPhone #2 to activate using this number. This number will be legit. 7.) Plug in iPhone #2, it will unlock the phone for use, but without a cell phone number assigned or account from AT&T. Disclaimer: I found this by sheer stupidity, as I plugged in the wrong phone during the activation processI accidently figured out how to unlock an iPhone for use without charge from AT&T, but with full support of the phones features including WiFi, but no AT&T service.

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Reader comments

iPhone Unlocked, Accidently?


AT&T has again screwed up its long-term customers. Although the same cell service is offered on the same cellular system, AT&T is refusing iphone service to existing "old AT&T" customers unless they pay an additional $130.00 a month. Apparently when the "New AT&T" bought Cingular it acquired Cingular billing system and all "old AT&T" customers must move to the new billing system at an additional $130 per month to be able to use the iphone.
Can AT&T say "Class Action" suit fast enough. I asked that to Todd Trask, an AT&T manager in charge of iphone activation, and he agreed that the billing system was the issue,
Again Corporate America is building us a Pinto. I never taught that Apple will be a part of that. Unless AT&T takes care of its long term customers, Steve Jobs should use that as an excuse to get out of the Apple-AT&T deal.
Someone at AT&T made a calculation that it was worth shafting long term customers in exchange of quick profits.
I hope that some of our Supreme Court justices read this and get a live effect of their decision last week to protect Big Business.
Any lawfirm out there that wants to file a class action suit, please email me.
Thank you

Is this about unlocking or activating the iphone? From the story it seems like the iphone would get activated, if that, but not unlocked. (even if it did work, would give me an iPod with Wifi?)

I don't think that really "unlocks" the phone. I went through a similar process with just a single iphone. I tried to switch an existing cingular account to iphone. The activation sure took 12 hrs. But my phone was ready to be used for other purposes almost immedaitely: i could sync music and contacts with itunes, play music, connect wifi and browse the web. etc.
so this one's a bummer

Victor, you are wrong. AT&T didn't buy Cingular. It's the other way around. Cingular bought AT&T to build the largest network in the country. Then, as a marketing ploy, and a smart one at that, they changed the company name to AT&T. Cingular (formerly SBC) has had a terrible reputation for bad customer service for years, and they are aware of it. They now use the AT&T name now to try and snow customers into believing they are AT&T subscribers and suddenly have good customer care.
Check it yourself. Try to call AT&T Care on a Saturday. No dice! AT&T was a 24/7 good service outfit. Cingular is crap. That's why there is a fee. The migration doesn't just involve the change to iPhone service. It involves a change to an entirely new provider and a change from TDMA to GSM coverage. It's not $130 a month, however. That is complete misinformation. There is a one-time migration fee. Then, the regular service plans apply. It still blows, but it's not at all as you suggest.

Not quite Ned,
Cingular bought AT&T wireless from AT&T. Cingular kept using the "cingular name, with the commercials saying, "at&t is now the new cingular."
Then AT&T bought Cingular, and the commercials are, "cingular is now the new at&t."

That sounds awesome! But where do you enter Cell Number X. (like which box.) And what do u do when u get to the billing part. If you fill it out, you will have to pay for one of the phones.

PG and Ned, you both are close to right. Cingular was a separately created cellular service co-owned by SBC and BellSouth, who as you may know was spun out of AT&T years ago in the grand baby-bell break-up. AT&T was mainly a long distance company, but bought the assets of McCaw and Cellular One to create AT&T wireless. Cingular then bought AT&T wireless from AT&T leaving a dying brand with little assets other than old long distance trunks. SBC then bought the last remnants of AT&T, mainly to get the brand name, and started calling themselves, "The New At&T". They "New AT&T" or perhaps "The entity formerly known as SBC" then merged with BellSouth under the name AT&T, who as I told you above was the only other owner of Cingular. Since both co-owners of Cingular were now one and going by the name "AT&T", they decided to change the brand name of Cingular to AT&T, taking an example of American branding to new all time high on wasted money and resource.
So the "New AT&T" has very little to do with the old communications conglomerate that we knew, but can claim to be part of its origins long ago. It is effectively a well known brand name that was bought.

Not quite PG, Ned, and GK. Both AT&T and Cingular are BS companies. None of us really gives a ratz asss about them. AT&T is trying to make iPhone techies pay (a lot) just because they have a contract with Jobs. Jobs should've just left the iPhone unlocked because he would've sold more in the longrun. It's just a matter of time b4 it gets unlocked. So to AT&T-Thanks but no thanks

Actually, Cingular was a joint venture between Bell South and SBC. The joint venture acquired AT&T wireless back when AT&T was divesting everything in order to stay in business. Eventually SBC bought AT&T and used the branding to their advantage and later purchased Bell South. Cingular only became part of the at&t mismash when the Bell South acquisition was completed.
Check out this video if you need help understanding...

Ok, so here goes my 15 minutes in the spotlight. I have an iphone and I activated it with AT&T, and then I cancelled the contract a day later. I dont know if this is old news but the phone stays unlocked after being cancelled and you can use all the features except calling and sms. Once I cancelled the contract I just made sure to leave the ATT sim out so it wouldnt do something crazy to the phone such as lock it back up. I'm waiting for someone to come up with a crack so I can switch the unlocked phone to Tmobile, because ATT is really a joke.

Hey Victor - I am experiencing the identical problem with AT&T. We are known as "Blue Accounts". All TDMA versions were deactivated last month. The GSM versions stil operate properly but AT&T does not support any changes to the account. Check out this article I started which explains this in more detail -
Also, this is a thread where other blue account holders are discussing action -

After you sync with itunes for the first time without completing the process and then you just have to press the power button for 3 minutes and then reset the phone by pressing power and single button for 15 sec.now u dont need to activate your phone but just sync it with a new computer with no number and all working well except phone etc.

did anyone actually get the iphone unlocked.. with the article about the needing 2 i phones to unblock one. but does it unlock the phone ? meaning can i put a international sim card in it? ( i have a itunes account.. i have had one for about 2 years now.. ) so the issue isnt itunes the issue is at&t..

Huh. I wonder if someone just copied and pasted your content and sent it to Gizmodo, or they really did just rip you off. I've found the folks @ a blog in that same network are quite good at citing the source ie. not try to take credit for someone else's content.

I already hv unocked i-phone and i m using it rite now on T-mobile. and my brother in INDIA too using the same with Vodafone-Hutch...I don't know why u guys can't get it????

This is to RAJ; "From where did you and your brother got the "unlocked" iphone? Guess you may do some good to "iphone humanity" if you reveal this info. cheers!

To MAC & RK: I bought it from Mumbai India. (heera-panna market).Its original 8gb i-phone unlocked in around USD750.

Hi Raj,
Do you have any contact number to reach how we can unlock the Apple Iphone.

Raj, please post that vendors information for all of us. How do you like the iPhone? How is the GSM side of the phone? Have you dropped any phone calls?

Hi guys,
I apologise if I sound rude but all the crap bout unlocked Iphones in india is pure BS!
Our mr.raj is either playing a prank or is a complete $%^&!

Okay on the unlocking procedure on the last step did he mean plug in the iPhone #1 or unplug iPhone #2 then plug it back in? An if its right will it unlock iPhone #1 or #2?

Look you all have it wrong here. Let me show you the way...
This procedure does not "Unlock" the phone as you would know in the GSM world. All you have done is disable the activation script that is on the phone. You need to understand that the underlying OS is still a stripped down version of FreeBSD which is same OS that is a MAC. It runs a simple script to "activate" the phone. When all of the aurguemnts have been met the script stops and the phone opens is door. This is all you have done. To truly unlock the phone so that it would work on any GSM operators network, you need to get two things one. One, you need to get inside the phone without dorking it to gain access to the SIM. Two you need to know how to calculate the key to remove the network specific SID information that "locks" the phone on to at&t network. In the formal GSM world this key is generated from IEMI and ESN. From what I understand, Apple did NOT lock the phone in this manner because for years this is how we have unlocked phones from a specific providers network. Apple has a crappy Five year exclusive deal with at&t in the US. I have read a couple of blogs, that some people are close, but they are not there yet. Apple has done a good job of making this phone hard to get into.

this is for all of u i don't knw abt the vendor because one of my brother's friend had some hook ups in INDIA through which he got this phone and he sent it to me here in USA too,,the phone itself looks gud but some of the general features are missing in it like msg forwarding and sending msgs to many people at a time etc but there is no dropped calls thing in phone . And for Mr. Dev i don't know wht to say for ur blog but u believe it or not i m using i-phone on my t-mobile no. and my brother on vodafone hutch in India and he paid 33,500 indian rupees for this .. and one more thing I read it smwhr that once u get the contract from AT&T wid the i-phone and after one month if u cancel the contract by paying termination fees then AT&T have to unlock that phone for you its compulsory by law..so i think that if AT&T can unlock it then hackers also can do the same...thanks

To Raj,
dude I did not mean to offend you in any way, but I happen to be in touch with people at Heeera Panna on a daily basis, business you see and belive me even they are dying for it coz they know they can make truck load of money on the thing.
You are correct in saying that AT&T needs to unlock the phone if you cancel the contract thouhg no instances of this particular case have been seen.
Dude I am not really convinced that your bro is using it in India. Sorry bout that but I just cant digest it. :-)

but i can say one thing that i m not lying!!!! and second thing is that one can only cancel a contract after 1 month of their services...and i-phone was launched on 29th june so technically after 29th july 07, one can cancel his contract..so lets wait till then???

The work around to the blue account problem is just go to an ATT store and do an upgrade to any gsm phone. Just find any free phone they are offering for a two year contract, even the upgrade fee is waived no charge to do this. then go to itunes an change the new phone to the iphone. and since you already singed a contract for the new phone there is not really no new contact just replacing the new phone with the iphones contract, then resale the new gsm phone on ebay and make a little money on it.

As on date no one has unlocked it, i too have a phone in Nagpur. only thing is that u can just break it to use i as an ipod. Apple will pay for tying up with AT&T

Will an activated iPhone work in India with CDMA sim cards provided by Reliance and Tata Indicom?

I recieved my iPhone today. I live in London, and it doesn't work. How can I function the iPod or other stuff on the phone, without using the phone itself? All it says is "Activate iPhone."


@Raj: thx for the info.
But how will be airtel or hutch cost u roaming charges, cant i use a local airtel/ hutch card?

so with what youve done, dose this mean you can use all the functions on an iPone or just the Phone part/Ipod part? and if you need 2 iPhones, can you do this method to both of them and have them both unlocked or just one of them?

Hi guys,
i just followed one of the blogs instuctions of how to activate the bloody Iphone, nd it works , BUT not the handset yet, any news?


Wow thats a great news. If someone cancels the contract and gets it unlocked, then he should try to record it in someway by using another phone/ camera.
Sure the code to unlock will leak if one is available.

Damn, I need that as well... When someone tries out the trick RAJ has explained, could he please tell all of us if it works? That would be great news! I think everyone will be running to the stores if that is true :P (including me ofcourse)

Hell yeah, im headed off to the US of A in a week and id love to be able to buy the Iphone and then have the damn contract terminated so i can use it back in th UK

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So, if I unlock the phone using GoPhone prepaid service (which I hear is an option when you try to activate it using ITunes) and cancel it after, lets say 2 months, I will get an unlocked phone, no cancelation fees (since it is prepaid) and only paid for the 2 months I used it? Sound too easy. I currently have AT&T in Puerto Rico, but they don't offer it here, I just wish to unlock it just to change my sim card to the IPhone.

hiii.. i just wanted to know that after the iphone is unlocked can you call and txt message people along with using the wifi and ipod features with a tmobile simcard?

@jojo: if by "unlocked" you mean using the method (way) above, then no. Currently the iPhone has not been "unlocked" in the sense of "Look, swap the SIM card and now my iPhone works on T-Mobile!". It has been "unlocked" in the sense that after you buy it you won't just get an "Activate Phone" slider that does nothing. It will work as an iPod, a Wi-Fi (NOT EDGE) browser, and all the other goodies it has, minus making calls and internet wherever you are. Imagine it not as an iPhone, but an iPod on super-mega steroids. If you will.

To all of you guys out there, who thinks cancelling your contract with AT&T will get your iPhones unlocked, think again! I actually tried to cancel my contract and I even offered to pay the $175.00 early termination fee. AT&T were tripping all over themselves to try to get you to cancel and pay the $175.00. They really don't care if you cancel or not, they just want your money! Then in addition, when I asked if I will get the code to unlock the iPhone if I paid the $175.00 early termination fee, they told me that AT&T does not have the code to unlock the iPhones. They instructed me that if I devide to cancel, I'd have to pay the $175.00 and return the iPhone back to the Apple Store. Apple will charge a restocking fee of $139.99 (20%, what happened to 10% like they stated on the receipt?).....what a nicely pre-planned way to extort money from unsuspecting consumers. In addition, AT&T's customer service people really suck as they always sound pissed off when you call them with any iPhone related issues.....anyways....I got around the cancellation fees on my contract in other ways! This is how to do it....Get yourself a letterhead (or make one yourself) from a foreign based company. Tell AT&T that you have been offered a job overseas. Fax them a copy of the letter from the fictitious company and they will cancel the contract for you with no fee. It's actually in the exceptions clause of their wireless contract. The termination fees are waived if you are relocating to another country of if being ordered by the military to serve overseas where your cellphone service will not have any use for you...they are trying to stiff everyone out there, the least what we can do is fight back using the taste of their own medicine! Don't worry! they will have no way of verifying with the fictitious company about your new employment overseas since AT&T are not offering you a job. Privacy laws makes it impossible for AT&T to call these company to verify employment. In addition, did I mention that the company is fictitious?

yups dennis is right if u can show that u r moving out of USA whr t-mobile or AT&T is not available..then these companies have towaive off the termination fees...

Well guys this is unconfirmed but i am from barbados and a few of us down here have had the i-phone unlocked for a month now. What happened was that at&t was down here and they were bought out by digicel and hence there equipment and technology was now owned by them so simply installing a digicel sim card allowed users to make full usage of the phone within the carribean under Digicel's sim card service. Need any more info blog back and I would be happy to lend a bit more insight.

Can't you guys just tell AT&T that you are going on vacation overseas and want your iPhone unlocked so that you can use the local service wherever you are going since international roaming cost an arm and a leg? Users with Blackberrys have been doing this procedure for a long time. Just my 2 cents.


Sebastian, Ned's closer to right than you think.
It goes like this: Bell is split up in Jan 1 1984, into AT&T (a couple of AT&T entities) and the regional Bell companies. Cingular, SBC, all of those were outgrowths of that. One-one, the regionals merged back into what was SBC - Southwestern Bell.
Then SBC bought AT&T, which was good because AT&T was shoddily managed for several decades. SBC might have lousy customer service, but AT&T had a toxic corporate culture.
The buyout of AT&T by SBC/Cingular was not only just, but two decades later than it should've been.

Hi everyone. I am an AT&T employee and I'm really sad to see everything being said on here. Apple CHOSE to enter into a contract with AT&T, so don't just blame us.
Second, Cingular bought AT&T (I'm not going to delve into the history there) and everything was called Cingular... then Cingular decided to just change the name back to AT&T for the recognition. There was no additional buy-out. NO change in services what so ever.
I'm really sorry to hear about the bad customer service some of you have been receiving. It's not what we as a company like to see, and it's being worked on.

This is not an unlock. All this does is activates Wi-Fi and iPod functionality. You will not be able to make calls using another carriers SIM.

I think that is illegal. They can't charge you $500/$600 for an iPhone and then say it isn't really yours, you have to turn it in when your plan expires or is terminated. I think A,T&T is just trying to prevent you from terminating and is simply refusing to provide the unlock code. Under the DMCA unlocking of cell phones is expressly not covered, so there is nothing illegal about unlocking and I believe they cannot refuse to provide you the unlock code without being in violation of DMCA themselves.

You know the funny thing is that, when I talked to AT&T and they told me that they did not have a means to supply me with the subsidy code and they refused to unlock the phone, AT&T declined my request to have such denial in writing with the reason for their denial. I am now seriously considering a class action suit againts AT&T and Apple for breaching the DMCA rulings. Any attorney's out there willing to pursue this with me. My main point id that, I am being held hostage to AT&T's service and when I travel to Europe, I will not have access to my phone's address book. Once you turn on your phone outside the country, the phone automatically logs on the other network and accesses EDGE, this incurs a huge daily roaming charge and huge data charge just for having turned on your phone. Believe me, my friend just came back from London and when he checked his email a couple of times, he came home to a phone bill of $562.37, $300.00 of that is just data charge. I think this is extortion and was a preattempted act by AT&T to make more money from consumers.

I just spoke to AT&T again this morning, I spoke to a customer service manager by the name of Shirley Bastiste, her direct phone number is 1-337-279-6179 who claims that while it is the consumer's rights to get access to other network when contract is properly terminated and subsidy code to unlock the phone is to be provided by the carrier through the manufacturer, AT&T has now pointed the fingers at Apple claiming that Apple refused to provide AT&T with the all the unit's subsidy codes. When I requested to have my denial in writing, it was turned down flat. Then I was advised that, they can give me the reasons for the denial over the phone but when I asked if the conversation can be recorded, again the request was rejected and she stopped talking to me at that point. I then requested for the phone number and address of their legal department. She put me on hold and then cam back on the phone after several minutes and told me that they do not have an address or phone number for their legal department! Wow! Wonderful, I multi-billion dollar company who has no legal department. I am so tired of being lied to and passed around by AT&T. If there are people out there who would like to pursue a class action suit with me, please email me directly at dmac925@gmail.com.
I have now engaged myself into finding an IP attorney who will take my case for AT&T and Apples' breach of DMCA rulings. I am sure that the state of california legislators will be interested in finding out about this.

Oh, by the way....when I asked to speak to Shirley originally, she didn't exist as an employee of AT&T, then when I told the representative that I spoke to her and it is regarding a legal matter, she was able to magically pull up her phone number and extension number almost immediately.....darn AT&T! You guys need to go back to training on "how to blatantly lie through you teeth to a customer"....Anyone out out there experience the same thing?

A young kid is bragging actually bragging about unlocking the iPhone. He sold it to some company. He talks about it on his blog.
He got a measley Nissan and 3 new iPhones.
Poor decision making…he could’ve got so much more!!!
And now since he’s widely publicizing his actions I’m sure he has a lawsuit coming his way.
Check out GlobalGrind.com's News Feed for the rest of this story.

Quick question. AT&T says for existing customers they need to subscribe to an iPhone data plan. This will cost an additional $20 per month for me. Do I really have to sign up for a data plan even though I don't need it? I just want the iPhone to use as a normal phone and listen to music or surf the web over wifi at any of the hotspots. Can someone please clarify?

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dude my phone does the most frustrating thing, a lot of the time, when I'm on safari, on its own, it goes to the homescreen, without me even pushing anything! It sucks because when I go back into safari I have to start all over again, whatever I was doing...
For instance, it I'm on my hotmail account, this will occur, and when I go back into safari, its like I was never signed in!!
Anyone else having this problem?!!

Those on AT&T 2 yr plan now, prepare for the worst by the end of 2008 which is your 1st yr anniv with AT&T. When Cingular bought AT&T, they sold their towers (the original Cingular ones) to T-Mobile. Cingular was given a chance to co-use those sold towers until 2008. After that period you will be stuck with the original AT&T Mmode towers which has very poor coverage. As in POOR! I was with AT&T Mmode before (GSM not the TDMA network) and I can't even call from home or in lots of other places which defeated the purpose of having a "mobile phone". Whenever I tried to get out of my contract then, they said they will charge me the ETF. After AT&T I was a long time Cingular customer until this recent change to AT&T. A little digging and I read that news about the cell towers. Those towers are now T-Mobile property. The only thing that sucks for T-Mo right now is their GSM band which is not good at penetrating through thick walls in buildings. But those with Cingular errr AT&T, expect the worst come next year. Prior to AT&T being bought by Cingular, they were cash strapped and couldn't afford to add new cell sites. And now they'll be back to operating under their original Mmode towers. Ever wonder why they started mandating new AT&T customers to 2 year commitments unlike T-Mo which still gives out 1 yr contracts?

victor u are wrong.... i own an iphone and it is only 20 dollars more each month. the only problem is that this plan only includes 200 text messages...for more texts it is 40 dollars a month.

well take out the difference of your old text messaging plan. i was paying 15 a month pre iphone for texts, once i got the iphone, it took away my current text plan($15) and added the 30 iphone plan. all in all my rate went up 15 a month, not bad,

Well.... I have been with at&t since 1994, and if anyone needs my signature for a lawsuit I'm good for it. I have the $99 charter plan(blue customer), and since at&t became cingular everything change (horrible customer service, billing issues, etc, etc) I'm really dissapointed with cingular, but not enough to drop my plan, I beleive at&t should take care of the customer that as help them grow and make their millions. I might have a $99 charter plan but with my long distance (overseas) and my roming to europe and south america ......... I have had a month were I paid $600.00, and my bill after taxes is never under $150.00, any questions pls email me to dcaem@hotmail.com (subject: IPHONE)

$20 for a plan that includes 200 text messages only?
i know a country where it's like two bucks (converted) for unlimited texting for a week... so make that eight bucks for unlimited texting in a month. some of my friends living there average 500 messages a week...
texting in america is so expensive...

does anybody know the maximum salary an att wireless sale consultant can make? and the working conditions

Can any one definitively answer Azeez's question above: ie.
"Do I really have to sign up for a data plan even though I don’t need it? I just want the iPhone to use as a normal phone and listen to music or surf the web over wifi at any of the hotspots."
I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but it would be good to know for sure before taking the plunge (now the actual phone price is a bit more descent). There are some pointers to other plans and workarounds here: http://niksnexus.net/weblog/?p=91

hi everyone,
i want to buy an ipod touch , but since it lacks in somany features when compared to iphone, is there any possibility to get an iphone and activate it but not subscribe to att. i need only ipod and web features.....is there any way for ths...

Ravi yes u can i have an iphone and been using it as ipod wifi, and even youtube, had to do simple hack for youtube that link above has the tricks u need to do that


I was reading victor's blog and was pretty much discussed with it. Does Apple's iPhone only target America or should i put it does the iPhone want only to be popular in the US.
The answer is NO!!!
The size of the American market is far too small for any celular making company to have a head way or make a dent. The biggest markets are China, India and the Asian Pacific on a whole where the monthly increase in the new subcribers are twice as much as the annual sale of new cell phones. Please keep in mind that here you do not need to have contracts with any one cellular company.
Further, what i don't understand is why Apple delaying the lauch of the iPhone here in Asia. I am here in Mumbai, India and I already have an iPhone fully functional having paid around $900/- for it and I have atleast 5 more friends who have paid as much, if not more, so why this delay in having an unlocked iPhone released world wide.

i unlock phones for 2000Rs, also there is a way to unlock 1.1.1 by downgrading it, if u guys need any phones unlocked call me on 9833849929…Am located in Mumbai

"I accidentally figured out how to unlock an iPhone." Oh, yeah, sure accidentally. Oops, I think i just accidentally called you an f'n liar.

i was stupid click on the new update on itunes. now my phone is locked and not working in canada.
any one can help?

before i dock my phone to itunes and possibly get the dredded 1.1.1 does anyone know if i can dock to itunes and NOT get the update but still sinc my phone?

Does anyone know when apple will release the 2nd generation of Iphones? or the 1st but with the corrections or better workability? as you all know the first cellphone or electronic device is a kind of "trial" and the second "batch" it is always better, does anyone knows when this will happen? tks

the world was really laughing at this iphone thing. people are crazy about this thing when this thing is really that awesome...not a 3g thing...blah, blah...waist of time and money....

iphone is overrated. i think because it was manufactured by apple that this thing becomes so popular....especially in north america. but when this thing would reach europe and asian countries, i doubt this thing would make a good hit. there are other great and awesome pda phones out there...HTC is one of the best PDA-phone makers. i owned one and no iphone can beat my HTC phone. hahaha

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Well it is like that. But After 2 years At&t bought Cingular. That made Cingular the new At&t. Trust me on this I have had At&t then Cingular. Now i'm back on At&t's billing. Cingular also had the best customer care. It was alot better than At&t. When At&t bought Cingular and became the new At&t I had to sign another 2 year contract. Now I'm lock in a 4 year contract. So don't even say Cingular had poor customer care.
RE: Victor, you are wrong. AT&T didn’t buy Cingular. It’s the other way around. Cingular bought AT&T to build the largest network in the country. Then, as a marketing ploy, and a smart one at that, they changed the company name to AT&T. Cingular (formerly SBC) has had a terrible reputation for bad customer service for years, and they are aware of it. They now use the AT&T name now to try and snow customers into believing they are AT&T subscribers and suddenly have good customer care.
Check it yourself. Try to call AT&T Care on a Saturday. No dice! AT&T was a 24/7 good service outfit. Cingular is crap. That’s why there is a fee. The migration doesn’t just involve the change to iPhone service. It involves a change to an entirely new provider and a change from TDMA to GSM coverage. It’s not $130 a month, however. That is complete misinformation. There is a one-time migration fee. Then, the regular service plans apply. It still blows, but it’s not at all as you suggest.

I think iPhone is overrated. Why buy some thing that cost like $400.00 and have to pay a bill that cost over $100.00 when you can get a T-Mobile Sidekick 3 that cost less and you can do more. For 50.00 You can get 300 any time minutes and unlimited Internet, IM, Email, Text, & Myspace. It has a music player better than iPhone. Plus customer care is beats all the others. If you go over you monthly minutes you can choose to pay overage at .45 cents a minute or go to the next highest plan for that month. They are also better for the fact that you can get every thing in a monthly plan but pay like prepaid. You also can choose the same phones post paid customers get. T-Mobile has My-Favs you can call up to 5 people for free. Att doesnt have that. and my-favs is only $10.00 more on you monthly voice plan. T-Mobile is also good for the fact that they incorporate Deaf and Hard Of Hearing people in there services. If you can't Hear and there is no need for a voice plan you dont have to get a voice plan Unlike Cingular (The New At&t). Also Deaf users have the options to get mobile TTY/TDD Software on the phone they choose. The software is made by .711 relay. you can also use aim TTY/TDD contacts on the IM part of the phones.

if anyone else is pissed off that you cant send chain texts of foward texts call 1800 myiphone and complain.... im hoping that if enough people complain they will offer a downloadable update

Lost Phone? No Owner Information on iPhone? Here's my solution. I just got my iPhone, and one good thing about my last phone is that it openly displayed owner information on the first screen. This saved me from losing that phone when I set it down in an airport inside the secured area and could not get in. An honest waiter (who I rewarded) public-paged me to come get it. But iPhone provides no such owner information (at least not that I have found). But I found a nice solution, and would like to share it. Take a photo of yourself, and use image editing software to enter your name, address, phone number, and email. Next, sync this photo into iPhone's photos. Next enter settings, select wallpaper, select that photo, and voila, you've got your iPhone identified. With your photo, a finder will hopefully be in sympathy, if you lost your phone. So if you love your iPhone as much as I do, maybe this idea could save your a**, and a whole lot of grief.

heyyyyy i got iphone few weeks back,,,n it ws working well but one day i connected to itunes to download pictures n songs but unfortunaly it didnt work out properly,,,it ws show to download i know dont wat,,so i did n next moring wat i saw ki my iphone is saying activate iphone
connect to itunes,
incorrect sim card
insert an unlocked and valid SIM to activate iphone.........
what the hell is this can anyone help me???then i connect to itunes bt nothing happned....itunes saysss"There is a probelm with ur iphone..
We're sorry,the iphone you connected may be damaged and cannot be activate for service.We recommend you visit nearest Apple Store for more information.
if can any1 help then please please please do tell me my email id is raj_raj_in2001@yahoo.com
i will realy great full to u,
or u just tell me where i can fix this iphone...lease help me out,,,please
thank you

hey call me at this number 09990777770,call me anytime,,,if anyone can fix my phone,,,please help me,,,,i m from delhi,,,my name is raj,,, do call me

I just won an 8GB iPhone in a sweepstake (zero investment from my side .. apart from those 10 minutes). I don't want to pay 60 bucks a month for 2 years minimum .. I want to use it on T-Mob and use it oversees with its quad-band capabilities. The darned thing has its iPod functionality locked! So .. is there a solution short of selling it on eB?
Gracias .. Merci .. Shukriya .. Grazie .. Thanks!

AT&T went belly up something fierce. They should not exist anymore. Something fishy happened and they were aquired simply for use of its name. AT&T while once a backbone of the phone service is now simply a shallow name that reminds most of broken promises.
See it started out (phones) as a free way to distribute information and communicate. Then some jerks got a hold on it and charged a small fee, then a larger fee. Now you cannot get 2 phone calls for a buck on the street anymore, and if you live in a bad area the phones are digitally disabled after dark. Full circle. From Without to- Free-cheap-affordable-barely affordable-expensive-ridiculous. A simple but vital invention, raped over time by numerous companies forming a monopoly. Hmm I wonder why it costs me $8 for caller id. The same reason oil is trading for $60 a barrell but gas is $3 a gallon.
Its very wrong that the corporate money machines work overtime finding ways to pull even more money from average people, no matter if they trick you. Here buy a new phone, hook up the year subscription, oh did we mention you have to pay an additional $100 a month? Ah its ok its all in the 22 page contract you quickly signed to save $50 on your phone. Whats that you've decided our company sucks and you dont want to spend another penny with us? Ah sorry you must then give back the $50 rebate from the phone and an additional $200 for the "get out of said contract free card."

i'm just outraged by the false marketing tactic. i'm wondering if others are experiencing this as well.
i'm a former at&t customer since 1997 which then became cingular and now at&t. i just got my iphone for my birthday.
i understand from marketing including at&t and apple websites that there would be no changes would be made to existing rate plan, only need to add the iphone data plan. plus just two-year service agreement will be extended during activation. but once i tried to activated via my itune, i'm told that it is not possible. so i called the at&t representative that i need to change my plan in order to use the iphone.
some please let share your experience, outcome and suggestions.
many thanks

In italy we don 't use contracts like here, because if you don't pay the bill you're disconnected. So we have prepaid, and if you finish your credit, you still can be reached and answer the phone, for and entire year! There is noway to have an italian on a leash. sorry for you guys, corporate in usa are really bull..in italy we have laws that protect us against those bulls. Also a cellphone is a tool for everybody not a luxury, and that's why everybody in my country have a phone, to use it. I often call american cell phones , nobody answer! everybody is hiding behind a damn answer machine..what do you need a cel phone for? forget about it , you're so far behind.

I recently purchased an "unlocked" iPhone overseas- basically everything works (wi-fi, youtube, phone functions with any sim card, etc) BUT the iPod portion of it. When I connect it via USB, it allows me to take photos off it but iTunes does not read it.
Anyone know any solutions to getting the iPod portion unlocked without messing up the phone?

Guys in Cyprus you can buy unlocked iPhones from legitimate companies. There is a notice though that if you update it it will get locked.

i have an urgent question. in all the excitement of the iphone i purchased on unlocked from the states last month and am using it in southern Africa. our voltage here is 240 or is it 220v. so i know u can charge it through the wall outlet ok because the charger supports 110 - 240v, but what about through the computer charging and syncing. the voltage of the iphone is 110v and my computer is 240v. what should i do so as not to blow up my iphone when connecting it to the computer??? please help ASAP.....

Lebo, don't worry. USB is the same everywhere and won't affect your iPhone. Just plug it in.

Hi folks!
I stay in BKK, Thailand.Bought myself an iPhone about a month back for about 150 USD(including all the applications I felt was necessary), brand new, in box, of course! Unlocked, but untill now, no problems with it whatsoever, it works just brilliant! I have always been a Nokia fan, but this change of phone was for me a good choice. A question, what really am I missing, since I'm not upgrading it?(if I do, it will lock) Anyways, a great phone, that works just perfect for me!! Looking forward to the next edition iPhone, nice job Apple!

bought an iphone 4 months ago. never tried to unlock it (i was in moscow) through at&t. owe at&t lots of $. got on google when i got back to the states, unlocked it in 1 hours time, which includes the time it took to download firmware 1.1.1. put in a t-mobile SIM...whalah...fully functional!

ORANGE in FRANCE will sell an unlocked I PHONE. Info on GOOGLE.French Law doesn't allow what is happening in the US
IPHONE+ATT only. I will buy one from FRANCE

Ned you are wrong. AT&T "wireless" was purchased by Cingular. Then AT&T "landline" bought Cingular. I worked for AT&T as a contractor for many years and it sure messed up allot of ppl associated with either of the 3 companies.
Too big, too many ppl not communicating, too many ppl focused on the bottom line - they end up spending 2x as much in the end. Sad company.
Good luck.

I don't know why someone would buy an iPhone just to spend all this time trying to change what they bought. That's just my opinion.

My iPhone has helped me to be more productive. Clearly it is more than a phone. I find that I use the Wi-Fi mode a great deal. I wish my Apple iPhone had one more app... VOIP. Then, I would have all the functionality I need.

I just hope apple's next addition to the iPhone line is not tied into one service provider. Shame the cases against this lost in EU

I want to know if i can read MS office documents such as Excel, Powerpoint, Word and PDF files in the iPhone even if I'm not connected to the internet. Can I store these files and read them whenever I want? Please help before I buy an iPhone.

if you want an ipod with wi-fi, buy a 16gb ipod touch for 400 double the storage. same price. this probably wont work, just like if you type in 000-00-0000 for soc number it unlocks it...but it doesnt work.

Hi all,
please I need your help, I foud an iphone on the street with service one day after service cancel, now its locked. how can unlock it? thantks Julioo

Message to Sarah's post,
My deaf in law's have the sidekick3 but it is still not an iphone. By the time the iphone is made better with more software engineers pumping out better apps, the iphone will be king of the industry.

I'm on the old AT&T plan before they even merged w. cingular. Now they are back AT&T, I'm still listed under the old plan. I have the Iphone but can't unlock it b/c AT&T wants me to upgrade to a new plan. How I can I unlock this phone for free? It's the 1.1.2 version.

I bought an unlocked iPhone off of Ebay and it came with the NextSim sim card thingy. I put my t-mobile sim card in with the NextSim. Everything works perfectly. I can use the phone, sms messaging everything. But when I try to use the safari without WiFi a message pops up that I am not subscribed to EDGE but indeed I am through T-mobile. This is the only feature I can not get to work and this is the one I need the most. I am not by a WiFi hotspot at work and would love the internet access at work. I'm not sure if the T-mobile EDGE is the same but on my t-mobile phone an E pops up when I am not using WiFi just like on the iPhone. Does anyone know what to do about this or get around it? Please let me know.

does anyone know why everytime i turn off my iphone my anysim doesnt work anymore i have to virginize my phone then start from scratch to jailbreak it again and install appsnap

Yea... a lot of this stuff's been going around ... "unlocking" the iPhone... was wondering if they "accidently" leaked this information out... was playing with my cousin's iPhone today ... pretty cool.

How can I get an anysim card? I have the old AT&T sim card and would like to use the Iphone w/o changing over to a new AT&T plan.

Any one know the link for the EDGE change to different carriers setup for APN, Username and Password.

For the people who are looking for a way way to unlock their iphones you should just use a software unlock since its much cheaper than hardware in many cases.

I am marketing agent of a US mobile phone company.
i can supply Original APPLE IPHONE 8GB/16GB LOCKED AND UNLOCKED at competitive prices.
These are the prices for 8GB according to quantity:
10----- $514
Let me know if you would be interested
Email me:saad640c@hotmail.com

Ok so i bought an unlocked iphone... the guy that sold it to me forgot to but the APN code in under network adn EDGE so i couldn't access internet until the next day when he e-mailed and give me the code; wap.voicestream.com but theres a problem. My phone works great when it picks up on a wireless connection however thats the only time i can use the internet... i can't use it when i'm on the road or out eating... just where it can pick up on someones wireless. Can anyone help?

Thanks to the efforts of Geohot and Zibri unlocking an iPhone these days is not a painstaking, hour-lasting effort but can be done within minutes!!!
My Tip: ALWAYS deep restore your iPhone and any problems afterwards with non working WiFi, VPN, Network should not be an issue!
Looking forward to software version 1.1.5 and more exitement around the iPhone :)

i got a iphone from US and its firmware is 1.1.2,i have put my gsm sim card in it and it is howing the network,but when i go to phone option and try to dial a number it automatically comes to the home menu and when somebody is caling me they can hear the ring in thier phone but i am not getting any ring in my iphone..but i do get one missed call on the phone icon.should my sim be gprs enabled or is it some other setting problem..could u please help me.

you are all wrong- Step 1. Use a paperclip and a piece of tinfoil to unlock the cardoor, where you accidentally locked your iphone in. This works on Fords as well as Chevys. Step 2 is to use the same paperclip and a NEW piece of tinfoil with a lil wd-40 to get the sim card out of the i-phone and then call a service tech- your local autodealer or ISP, either one. They can provide you with a code, that you scratch into the sim card (with a fresh paperclip) and viola, u can use the iphone to open your cardoor from up to 500 meters. hope this helps.

hi!i have a question about the iphone.it will affect the software if i make it unlocked the iphone?because most of them are contract,and im always outside the country.please i need your answer..thanks

yes it is possilbe to unlock the iphone cuz i did it as well. and as well many people do unlock there iphone so they can use it for there service.
But the thing is apple wont cover that warranty so i use the DTS repair warranty. Their webside is www.iphonefix1.net. it is easy quick, cheaper and better belive me. i cracked my iphone already and the replaced it in an instant. try it!! www.iphonefix1.net

Hi people, I have a question regarding unlocking the 1st generation iphone. The iphone I am about to get from my friend is on the 1.1.4 software and has never been unlocked.
I am currently an AT&T customer. However, I do not want to add the iphone to my current line the regular way because it'll renew my contract for 2 years. I am thinking about just unlocking this iphone to use it with the AT&T network.
Can someone please confirm that this is feasible? Also, will I be able to use the iphone's internet functions if I just add a normal Media Unlimited package to my current line?

Hi Evy1, i heard 3g i phone got problem when ur using Maxis line, cant receive incoming call, is it true???

Is it possible to buy a iphone that is not under contract but has been activated then buy a crappy phone from at&t that has a 3g sim card and put that sim card into the iphone and escape the monthly $120 bill and it still function properly?

I'm hoping and praying that someone out there knows how to unlock a legit iphone. What I mean by unlock is "disabled". Some kind of way i accidentally locked my phone. I had a passcode set (the one that I always use) but when i went to enter the code to unlock it, it told me that i was entering an incorrect code. Well, after a few attempts of entering the wrong code it locked me out. The phone will then only allow you to attempt to unlock the phone (enter the correct code) at certain intervals; 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, and then twice at 60 min. After that the phone is completely disabled. I called AT&T and they told me that it could be overided by connecting to itunes on the PC where the phone was originally synced. Well, here lies part of my problem. My desktop crashed and i am unable to retrieve any data, or sync the phone to that computer. In this case, ATT told me that the only way to unlock it was to complete restore the phone, which means that i'll lose EVERYTHING; pics of my now deceased grandmother, ALL of my contacts, my itunes...ect. I've been 2 days without my phone now and it is such an inconvenience. However, i've been feverishly searching the internet to try and find someone who knows how to overide the passcode. I'm so mad that Apple did not build in some kind of overide feature other than, completely erasing a persons phone and starting over. Can someone please help :-(

im from israel and i reinstalled the new itunes.
the itunes wants me to register to the at&t account
but i cant.
the iphone is completly unusful i can only call 911 and lock anf unlock the key pads.
what to i need to do to get y iphone back to normal?
p.s...dont buy an iphone...it is good...but suck un many ways.

I got my IPhone 3G 16 Gig (second hand) as a gift from Canada and already reset on Europe system ( Ukraine). I did put my SIMcard in and it used to work just fine for couple of days. Than I tried to sync some ring tongs and after my Iphone stopped recognized my SIM card,
no service, and I can’t make any calls. Does some one know what is wrong with my phone? Please help!

Hey Guys,
I need a huge favor, could u plz update me where i could buy an unlocked.. iphone in bangalore..ASAP

guys try to use quickpwn TO UNLOCK your Iphones. My iphone is 1st gen , everytime i acidently locked it, iUSE QUICKPWN tool to jail break ...This works fine ,now i use both Cydia application together with Apple store application... so far no problem .. all the instruction is there ... just read and understand before u start to jail break..This is cool stuff

It doesn't work, but there are a million people outthere who charge you small fee to unlocked your iphone.

While most would agree that this seems to be the endall stratagem, it is only a starting point with endless possibilities. ,

Please dont play with your iphone if you dont know how to unlock.
Contact: in pune to unlock your iphone at cheapest rates:
Deep(software engineer):
let it be 2G/3G/3GS from US or UK
unlock it for any of the baseband carriers let it be airtel, Vodafone, aircel, tata docomo, reliance GSM, Idea, cellone or any other GSM service provider in india

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