Ultimate iPhone Hacker Championships: Purplesn0w vs Ultrasn0w


In the past 24 hours we have seen major updates to not one but two software unlocks for the iPhone 3GS. Who says competition isn't a good thing and who doesn't love a good old fashion hacker fight? Let's get it on:

In the red corner we have George Hotz along with his fresh version of purplesn0w RC2.

  • 3G(the network speed) issues fixed
  • Now only patches one file, CommCenter
  • Leaves no traces on your baseband after it runs.
  • Much more clean and reliable.

In the blue corner we have the iPhone Dev Team. And since Hotz released his source code, his competition used it to create their latest version of ultrasn0w .09.

  • Works on both 3G and 3GS
  • Doesn’t patch any mach-o binary whatsoever. (Doesn’t require a separate patch as each new firmware comes out).
  • Has no race conditions, no popups about “Missing SIM”, no network issues
  • Is almost 7000 times smaller than its nearest competition :)

So there you have it - two software unlocks for your iPhone 3G/3GS. You have to credit George Hotz for stepping his game up when the Dev Team has been dragging their feet. It really seems to have sparked up a good rivalry that we can all benefit from.

There is one major question though, how do you score the match?

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Reader comments

Ultimate iPhone Hacker Championships: Purplesn0w vs Ultrasn0w


"So there you have it - two software unlocks for your iPhone 3G/3GS." -- Correction: purplesn0w does NOT work on the 3G, only 3GS...

What exactly would be the benefits of jailbreaking? (Not unlocking, just jailbreaking)
I have a 2g iPod touch, and am considering jailbreaking. Can you revert back to apples software after jailbreaking?

You forgot to mention purplesnow is better for Prince fans and girly men.
This post is just for fun :)

I always have to go with the dev team, but for now it looks like hotz wins, his unlock is more reliable and leaves almost no trace, so you dont have to be an "advanced" user to use this and still have the same benefits.

I will both unlock and jailbreak. I needs apps that apple won't approve and like to be able to pop a local sim in my phone when abroad.

GeoHot said "The lockstate of the phone really lies on apples servers."
Wouldn't that mean all calls and all data pass through Apple's servers? If that's true how can that be a good thing? I mean it would have to leave another log of all your activity, and would in a way give a reason why China would have Apple remove the wifi, to ensure all activity on Chineese iPhones would be located in one easy to retrieve place.
This is starting to smell really unkosher!
It's obvious that the Dev-Team has some issues with GeoHot. They act as though his work is garbage, but then use his code to improve their solution. That seems a bit hypocritical and douchy in my book, and very Applesque!

iRoc I agree with you on your point about the Dev Team being douchey, but I believe you incorrect on your point that data passes through Apple's servers.
The data that passes through them that they're able to control and keep from unlockers is push notifications.

When are they going to quit it with these stupid l33t h4x0r naming schemes? It turns me away from the whole scene because it reminds me of people in dimly lit rooms, pushing glasses further up their nose as they peer down onto a bright LCD of command line script as a serial-killer-type rare bug collection is visible on the wall above the monitor.

i think i will continue following the iphone dev team. since geohot was banned from the team for using copyrighted code and patented code, i trust iphone dev team doesnt do are tries no to do illegal things with apple's code. it lets me sleep better lol. plus so far iphone dev team has shown great professionalism and restraint to better help the people plus i right to them alot in twitter and mostly i get answers. i see them more serious. but thats just me.

I didn't know you could patent/copyright code?? License maybe?? When has he used ALL of someone code?

Seems like they're all breaking DMCA anyways regardless of any copyrighted code.
If what you say is true then Dev Team is a little hypocritical. If it's not then whatever.
I'm no DMCA legal expert but they are bypassing copyright protection arent they?
If I'm just misunderstanding DMCA, I'm sorry.

YES! RSCELLO! I have the same question:I have a 2g iPod touch, and am considering jailbreaking. Can you revert back to apple's software after jailbreaking?

Continuing... I believe all we would have to do is connect to iTunes and restore. RSCELLO> No one care about the iTouch here

geohot is sloppy, bricking peoples phones.... and lazy too, doesn't want to finish what he started.... smart, but sloppy, impatient and lazy.... dev team doesn't release till it's ready.
Re: DMCA, dev team is not breaking the law, and has never been contacted by apple. Ever.

Important question:
Free or not. .. What is the absolute best way to unlock, not jailbreak, but unlock a 3GS? TIA

@Joseph Uh...theres no way to unlock an iPhone that ISN'T free so I guess that isn't even a relevant question but incase you didn't read the article purplesn0w would be the best for a 3gs especially for the less experienced users which I assume you to be.