iPhone users willing to buy more apps, BlackBerry users to pay more

Mplayit is digging through more of their usage data and interesting things are being turned up. Here's the take away this time around:

  • On average, across all device platforms approximately 35 percent of users are interested in paid applications.
  • More than half of the most popular apps on Mplayit's iPhone (Arcade or platform) are paid, 57 percent, compared to 33 percent on BlackBerry and 16 percent on Android.
  • BlackBerry users are willing to pay the biggest premium for apps, with a median price point of $5.99, compared to $2.72 on Android and $1.99 on iPhone.

Says Michael Powers, Mplayit CEO:

“Our analysis dispels the myth that consumers aren’t willing to shell out money for great mobile applications. If you’re making a quality app, don’t be afraid to charge for it.”

Bravo, and something TiPb hopes more developers start taking more seriously -- we want you to have sustainable businesses so we get great apps not just now but into the future.

Another interesting metric that should surprise no one -- games are still growing in popularity and share on the iPhone. 68% by Mplayit's measure in March, up from 61% in February. No one else comes close in gaming yet, which is probably what worries Nintendo and Sony as much as Google and Microsoft...

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone users willing to buy more apps, BlackBerry users to pay more


Which surprises me, as I've seen some blackberry apps which have iPhone versions, and the blackberry versions look like ass next to the iPhone.
I guess its just what the developer has to work with but comparing the two side by side is a shocker.

@Maniacfive: Agreed. There is only so much you can do with Java though and the weak CPU's and graphics processors used in most Blackberrys.

I think this is simple economics.
1) Supply and Demand - There are 100 times more apps for the iphone than the BB. More choice = lower price.
2) Target market pricing - In general BB users are more business and iPhone users are more casual. To a business manager a $5 is no big deal, to a college student or hourly worker $5 is a bigger deal.
3) Perceived value – if something is more expensive it is better, and with the target BB market it is more prevalent than today’s young tech savvy buyers.

That 35% seems low. I know about 10 people with iPhones and they all pay for good apps., including myself

Its no surprise "Blackberry users were willing to pay more for apps" considering most of their apps ARE double the cost. They really have choice if they want the app- willing/happy with that is arguable.

Actually 43%. People seem to forget cheerleading RIM that they may have gained 1% last quarter, but they USED to be at well over 50% and almost 60% at one time in the last 5-8 years. People seem to neglect the long term in favor of quarter by quarter stats which fluctuate every quarter based on device releases.

Why are we surprised by this? People will buy something if it is the only choice. Blackberry has a very pisspoor application library. They don't have many, and the ones that are there look like crap. They can charge whatever they want for them ... because it is the only choice they have.

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