iPhone will be able to hand off phone calls and text messages to Mac

WWDC - Calls on Mac OS X Yosemite

As a part of today's WWDC announcement, Apple showed a new OS X Yosemite feature which automatically shunts phone calls and text messages from your iPhone to your Mac. This all ties in with a bunch of other useful new AirDrop-related features.

Your Mac acts as a speakerphone for your calls, while you can enjoy a full keyboard to answer texts. You can also initiate outgoing calls and SMS messages through the new feature. Pretty sweet new feature, eh? Do you see yourself using it regularly? There's plenty more news coming out of WWDC today, so stick around!

Simon Sage

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TomW093 says:

Sounds like Google Hangouts

Mariam936 says:

This is great, especially When I'm too lazy to reach for my iphone or ipad

heyjohnnybravo says:

Super excited for Yosemite.

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Boy De says:

Awesome feature. Will come in very handy.

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Ahmad Zulfadhli says:

And to ipad as well... That's really a great feature...

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Sunofabob says:

This is legit. Might have to get the wife Mac to compliment her iPhone.

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