iPhone to be Sold at Radio Shack and Best Buy?

Mobile Mag is reporting that the iPhone 3G may be sold at Radio Shack and Best Buy. Best Buy we can see -- Apple's already been making inroads there. Radio Shack, though, ...ugh. Sure, since the iPhone 3G is being sold pretty much just like any other smartphone now, it's not crazy that it could be sold by any of the usual suspects -- Radio Shacks, Mall Kiosks, that one guy down the street who inexplicably has an AT&T store in his garage. But... Radio Shack? Maybe I'm old, but I remember a time when Radio Shack had, you know, electronic parts and wasn't the laughing stock it is today.

Reconsider, Apple, because if this is true, it may help you reach your target, but it's not going to do wonders for your image.

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Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn is former editor-in-chief of Smartphone Experts, writing across iMore, Windows Phone Central, Android Central, and more. You can find him on Twitter (and everywhere else) @backlon.

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iPhone to be Sold at Radio Shack and Best Buy?


Bad bad bad move going into Radio Shack... LAST place to go for anything electronic... Nothing but garbage.

This is a bit surprising, but not for the reasons given so far. Usually mobile phone sales in retail outlets have to do with which carrier has a station in those stores. Currently, I don't believe AT&T has a presence of any kind in Best Buy, but they do in Radio Shack, thanks to Cingular being there before. (However, it's been a while since I was in either one, so I could be wrong.) So frankly, Radio Shack makes sense, but Best Buy definitely does not. Remember, it has nothing to do with the quality of the store (iPods are already sold at both locations, so Apple has a presence anyway). Apple wants to get this phone in as many hands as possible, and opening up the number of retail locations is a good way to do that, but they would have to be retail locations with relationships with the carrier (AT&T in the US).

You know what fuck all yall i work for radioshack and we sell way more phones than att so i think the iphone being sold here would have a great impact on apple's profit..........

actually with best buy "mobile" stores popping up all over the place...(we just launched 8 in my district of 11 stores) and with att being one of the 3 carriers every store has...... i see it happening

if you can find a good radioshack associate then that IS your best bet buying a phone retail. they have to best activation prices and they'll match any other retailers that beats them. but like i said, you have to get a good associate. but isnt that the way it is if you go to any retailer. and if radioshack doesnt carry the iphone does that somehow mean that theyre going to start selling parts again? get over yourselves... best buy associates are complete retards because they arent paid to know anything. the company itself cant sell phones, thats why they had to enlist help from a wireless retailer overseas.

are the ppl at radio shack paid to do nothing? cuz i dont kno. but at the same time i want the 3g i phone and the baby in the car is crying and the stove is hott. so put the phone on the floor and take a 5 pound sledge hammer and eat some ice cream over in the corner, and let your grand mother clean her dentures!!! i kno there soft like my girls booty. (i kno ya'll like what the fu#@) but im bord. i'd rather do this than go up and down the street shooting into ppls houses!!!! just playing...bye oh yeah i forgot to say yesterday it was raining sooo hard tht i did'nt want to get caught in it so being me.. i jumped into the neibhors back yard pool to get out the rain, aint i smart? ya'll have a nice day. and shop at best buy and radioshack. either or ,they have the 3G IPHONE, THATS MY POINT!!!!!!!!

uuuum first of all... radio shack has the best prices for wireless phones... i dont understand y people are so picky about where they get the product from...Radio Shack has almost every carrier, and if we sell ipods we should be able to sell iphone's... what is the big deal? Obviously the company is doing something right, b/c they are still in business to this day.. and you know why you get the blank stares? its because you ask stupid questions, like the questions you should already know the answer to... so im glad were about to start selling the iphone more coins for me :)

I have been at Radio Shack for a long time now and by going through these posts I see the same lame morons here that I do at work. Michael Jones at least we are there to try to help you but if you don't have even a slight clue about what the Hell you are looking for in the first place and you do not even have a clue about how to describe it then please, do us a favor and shut up. Also, Radio Shack is not full of garbage so keep your opinion to yourself because if you have never walked into a Radio Shack then you have no clue. Finally, are you on some king of drug lonnie mack?

Oh, and no one knows everything and maybe if people came in nice and left their rotten attitudes outside then maybe my job would be more enjoyable and your shopping experience as well. I can be the nicest person or I can be the person that makes your jaw hit the floor. :)

Why are some of you bashing Radio Shack? There too many other important things to be concerned with.

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