iPod Takes Center Stage At Lame-ish "Let's Rock" Event

It wasn't MacWorld 2007, was it? Too much hype, too little delivery? Rumors of secret features and analysts wetting themselves over lower-margin product revelations set the bar too high? Or did Apple just decide to slip under it this time?

Either way, for iPhone lovers like we here at TiPb, Apple spared only about 10 seconds worth of attention. Highlights were limited to Firmware 2.1, which will be available Friday and include better battery life, less crashy apps, and... working 3G?!

Apple's already made their money for the year on the iPhone, however, so it was time to pump the holiday purses: iPod Nano and iPod Touch. Read on for pics and the full roundup!

Kevin Rose must be smirking, see how several of his predictions came true, at least to some degree.

The Nano has the new/old Tall-Boy widescreen form factor, and comes complete with iTunes 8 compatible Genius music recommendations and playlists, and accelerometer, shake to shuffle, and more colors than a bag of skittles (no, I'll never tire of that visual).

The Touch looks to be positioned directly against the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, with Spore and Need for Speed featured, along with built-in Nike+ integration, and the same Genius features as the Nano (and the iPhone, right Steve?!)

The Classic gets a one-size-fits all reduction to 120GB only, and the Genius features.

Updated: And iTunes 8, which will be available today, wraps it all together along with skim-able grid view, accessibility improvements, HD TV, the return of NBC (on bended knee?), trippy new Visualizations, and full on Pandora/Last.fm-style recommendations, as rumored.

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iPod Takes Center Stage At Lame-ish "Let's Rock" Event


U can get iTunes 8 @ apple.com/iTunes/download
It's great I love the genius feature! :-)

Wow, you're the first blog to report that the iTunes Genius is powered by Last.fm and Pandora. Is that true?
"full on Pandora/Last.fm recommendations"