iPod touch (2010) -- did you get one? Will you?

iPod touch (2010) is in stores, arriving as ordered, and we've posted up our full iPod touch (2010) review -- but did you get one? Will you be getting one?

Some people simply must have every new iOS device that Apple ships, and Steve had them at "boom!". Others will get it at some point to use for travel or as a remote, a device to develop with or hack on. Still others prefer Android or BlackBerry for a Smartphone but want a latest gen iOS device on the side for a little App Store and gaming action. Still others already have an iPhone, iPad, or previous generation iPod touch and feel no need to add to, or upgrade, their gear. (And some just hate everything with a little bitten Apple on it).

Where do you fit in? Let us know in the poll above and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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Reader comments

iPod touch (2010) -- did you get one? Will you?


I just bailed AT&T and am using my old iPhone 3G as an iPod touch. It's about as good as the new ones, but no Game Center :(

I have an iPhone 4, and still have my trusty iPod 5G 60 GB that I use mainly in the car these days. If that gives out I'll likely get a Classic , not a Touch.

With a G5 at work, a MB Pro at home, 2 iPhone4's, an iPod and an iPad I guess I am an Apple freak. I'll be getting one for my son turning 8 soon. He lives for my iPhone 4 currently so that should keep him at bay.

have another (non iOS) smartphone, so seems redundant. and similar to someone above, i have the original iphone serving as a pseudo ipod touch. but the retina display is very tempting!

I have an iPhone 4, iPad 3G & 160 gig iPod classic (for the car) I love apple but still waiting for more memory on the iPod touch (if they ever come around)

I have an iPhone 4, but was going to get the new Touch for my girlfriend, but the .7MP camera killed the deal since she likes taking pictures. Maybe next year?

Currently have the Iphone4. Was just given a Blackberry 9700 for work. Will be selling the Iphone4 Jailbroken and unlocked for a profit and getting the Itouch for Internet/Apps access. The blackberry is great on some counts/sucks on others. Best of both worlds albeit giving up Internet anywhere on IOS4. But no friggin phone bill!! WooHoo!!

It's so thin, bright, and beautiful. My iPhone 3GS looks like a truck in comparison. I'd get one of these but don't need yet another device. I'd love an iPhone 4 but where I am in my contract, I might as well wait until v.5.

Have an iPhone 4, but still love my 160GB Classic for all my music needs. I really hope they don't stop making them!

Have an iPhone 3G on iOS 4 (waiting for 4.1 jailbreak). Going to get the 32 GB to replace it.

Played with it in the Apple store yesterday. Wow, awesome device. So wafer like. And fast.. even compared to my iPod 3GS. Retina display & HD video recording are sweet.
If I wasn't going to get an iPhone 4, I'd be all over this device.

compared with the new ipod nano ,i prefer ipod touch 4g for a lot of fun,i am big on music,but i already had a shuffle and it works well.i am planning to order the new ipod touch http://www.topincart.com/,i am attracted by its touch screen and its camera.i am crazy for it. :-)

Wheres the ram??!! Damn you apple. I'll have to wait another year to get a similar device to my iPhone. But then again, the newer iPod will be out spec'd again by the iPhone.