iPod touch ditched by criminal, run over by car

iPod touch survives crime, car

Longtime TiPb reader and law enforcement officer, Mike, sent us this tale of a poor iPod touch that got caught up in a sordid tale of crime, survived being run over by a car, and lived to play music about it all.

Story after the break!

[Thanks Spanishcop!]

Early this morning I was patrolling when I heard my Sergeant call out a foot-pursuit. I responded to assist, 3 male subjects had left running on foot in different directions and my Sergeant was chasing one of then. One of the other suspects circled back and jumped into a Pontiac Grand Am and left the area just as I was about to arrive.

While checking the area, I found a lighter, evidence of drugs of abuse, and an iPod touch 8 gig.

What is funny (to me) and yet amazing... One of the suspects dropped the ipod when they saw my Sergeant arriving to their location. Then the one suspect that got into the Pontiac ran over the iPod touch with the front tire.

Amazingly... As you can see in the video the iPod touch still works. I was able to power it on and off. I recorded a short video to show it. Because it is password protected by the suspect I was not able to gain access to it. But I double clicked the home button and I was able to play music on it. So it appears it is in working order aside from some cosmetic issues.

It's a amazing that a car can run over it and still work.

Just thought I would share it.

Also I have never jail-broken my personal iphone... So I don't know what to expect... But The suspects iPod has an apple on power on that turns into a skull. I figure that it is jail broken.

Your more than welcome to share the story.

P.S.... NOTE TO SUSPECT: if you want your iPod touch back, come to the police department to claim it, and we can have a chat... You know who I am and where to get it.... lol.

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Reader comments

iPod touch ditched by criminal, run over by car


Wow what an asshole. This guy protects our streets and gives you your freedom. He should be honored on a daily basis and shouldnt be assassinated just because he didn't major in English.
Show some respect next time, this guy accomplishes more in 1 day than you will in your life. Thanks for protecting our country.

I’ve seen plenty of pigs take freedom away, but I’ve never seen them give any out. Soldiers hand out freedom, after they take it from someone else.

The POS had probably stolen it out of someone elses car anyway. Think crooks that run from the police actually pay for anything? Usually not.. they just steal stuff from those of us that work for a living. Especially those with drugs. They're quite frequently thieves.

Wow! How disrespectful was that?! You act like the cop slapped YOUR mother! See what I did there?! LOL! YOU saw it! I'd also like to thank the office for serving his community! We need people like him whether we admit it or not! If I walked up and punched you in the face you'd be looking for that cop to pull me off of your ignorant a$$! #TRUTH

If the punishment within the justice system wasn’t such a joke, you wouldn’t be walking up and punching anyone. #TRUER

First you're an idiot for assuming he doesnt know the difference between the two, because you having an apple product, should know the auto-correct can change words. Second, before the article starts it says "thanks spanishcop" so that could mean that this event could have taken place in spain and English is not his first language. If he is from Spain I can guarantee you he knows more than 2 languages, unlike you which probably barely knows his own language.

Apple’s Auto-Correction has NEVER changed ‘youre’ to ‘your’.
I know three. One far better than the other two.

@dtnelson66, I am not one to point out grammar problems (I am bad myself) and would never insult someone risking their life to protect me. But he did miss use "your" when he said, "Your more than welcome to share the story.". There are a few other typos in there too.
So, your grammar lessons are good but your proof reading isn't so good. :P

Hi Mike,
Nothing here is personal because we know very little of each other. My primary concern was that a pig was taking one of their most valuable tools (communication skills) and applying it so brashly and without discrimination as younger members of the force do with their other tools. This is the internet; everything lasts forever and the public is always watching.
People don’t lose faith when they have a bad experience with one member, or even a small group. They lose faith when other (what should be) unbiased members don’t bring to light internal wrong-doings for not wanting to pewp where they eat.
I’ve never owned an iPod, nor lost one.
No capitalization in pig. Capitalization is for importance and respect and it’s obvious where I stand on that.
It’s unfortunate that with all the power you’re given that you don’t have the power to look up the serial # on the iPod cross-link to registered Apple ID and either return it to its rightful owner, locate the suspect, or both. Back on track.
The following is personal;
Kudos for taking the high-road.

If the Ipod was stolen and the owner reported it with the serial number then it can be tracked. Apple will not release serial numbers or try to back track to the owners. The department will hold the property for someone to rightfully claim for a period of time.

I am a San Diego Police Officer and if any one of our officers did what this "officer" did, he would be reprimanded. And what I mean by "did" is snapping photos and taking videos and then placing it on the Internet. It's evidence. Not to be shared on a tech site. Wow. It survived being run over by a car. So what.

Did u stop n think maybe since he saw it was jailbroken with jailbreakme he thought he might be able to get thru to these criminals, I hope you aren't one of these chicken poop cops that give chicken poop ticket's like the stuff Adam carolla rants about! I really hope your a cop to do good! To get real criminals off the street! Not every day tax payers that work 45 hrs a week to pay your wages! Giving us chicken poop tickets like mud flaps on my nice truck that don't extend exactly to the axle or no licence plate light or crossing the street n getting a jay walking ticket? I hope u go after meth heads or thieves or sexual predators etc!

Laws are laws and are there for a reason. Even if you think they are wrong. You probably tether with mywi or PDAnet and think it is OK.

Just the ramblings of another arrogant redneck cop. How 'bout tagging that iPod and putting it in an evidence bag...."officer"
I know there has to be some good cops out there but I've personally met one. And this is coming from somebody who has heard it all.....from bragging about beating up some poor homeless man, to side-stepping duty and playing video games on their laptop the whole shift. Cops in my area purposely show up late to any criminal incident so as to make sure the perp has enough time to get away. It's a common tactic used to avoid getting hurt on the job.

Goodness grief! What happened to the kind, benevolent TiPb Readers that I know and love!?! They have become disrespectful, arrogant, egotistical and pretentious. Will the REAL TiPb Readers, please come back... please come back... PLEASE COME BACK!