Yes, there will be a new iPod touch this year...

Given that Apple has released a new iPod touch every fall, every year, since the iPhone launched in 2007 it's not hard to speculate that yes, indeed, they just might announced the 4th generation iPod touch this year at their annual iTunes/iPod Special Music Event.

Likewise, iPod touch G4 will get it's traditional iPhone-matching hardware update. This year that could include a Retina Display, Apple A4 chipset, 802.11n Wi-Fi, gyroscope, and maybe even that long awaited camera -- including a front-facing one to help make up those 10 million FaceTime devices Steve Jobs said Apple would ship this year.

Previous years the iPod touch update has even exceeded iPhone in some ways, with slightly faster clock speed on the chip and double the NAND Flash storage (since there's extra space thanks to the missing GSM/UMTS radios). iPod touch is already at 64GB. Depending on pricing and availability of the newer, double density chips, we could even see 128GB. (So long, iPod classic?)

With iPhone 4 being as thin as it is, and iPod touch typically being thinner still, the design is something I'm looking forward to this year as well.

As attention inevitably turns to "what's next", we'll get the usually bunch of retailer and analyst predictions, component and accessory leaks, and maybe an early peek at the device itself. We'll cover the most interesting, most substantial items as they come up but always remember -- it ain't real until Steve Jobs holds it up on stage.

Until then, let us know what you want in the 2010 iPod touch G4.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Yes, there will be a new iPod touch this year...


Agreed. Gps! 2 cameras. Are a must!
I woul like to see an 8 mp camera in the touch.
If that happened, I may just get rid of my Sony digital camera, and flip video camcorder.

Why does the ipod touch 32 gb only cost $299 but they iphone 32gb models cost $699, are the GSM/UMTS radios and gps chip that much more expensive? Or is some of the iphone cost going to make up for the low price of the touch models?

Am I the only one who doesn't want the new iPod Touch to get the Retina Display? When they start making the iPods equal to the iPhones each year and upping the ante by increasing the capacity (which by the way, by those standards we should have a 64GB iPhone!) it merely confirms what most people think about the iPhones - they're just an iPod Touch with a Phone - or vice versa when they're actually much more.
I think they should keep a wide gulf of delineation with these two products and not try to cross lines so much as long as it doesn't drastically interfere with the OS possibly increasing disparities but this is the point of two different products - to keep them different. I know they keep certain things off the iPod Touch besides the phone aspect to distinguish them but I think Apple still makes them to similar. Am I the only one who feels this way?

i hope it doesnt come with a camera! i work in a secured site where camera devices cannot be brought in and i love my ipod touch 3g as a personal infrmation manager. shucks!

I am a super huge Apple fan and my kids are waiting for the 4G iPod as I await the iPhone 4 to come to Canada. My problem is I am very disappointed with how Steve/Apple is handling the 'Death Grip' situation. Fix it or give me a free bumper. I am a consumer and I have spent well over enough money on your products. So when it gets to the point where Steve thinks he can release inferior devices and just rest on the notion that they'll buy them anyway, he's lost a fan.

iPod touch 4g features: (dreamlist) front facing camera with FaceTime, 5mp auto focus rear camera with flash, retina display, available 3G with same plans as iPad, 128GB, 512ram, A4 chip, bigger battery, better speakers, gyro, hd video recording, iBooks, iWork, coming in sept 2010!!!

I'm waiting for the 2nd gen iPad, and I don't want an iPod touch nor an iPhone. What I hope Apple would do is retain iPod classic, make it white again (and not silver), and put flash memory in it, 120GB minimum. I just want a device to play music in, with a huge capacity.

I am excited for this new iPod Touch...mine is one years old and I am ready for the new one! However what is the difference between the iPhone and iPod Touch? They have the same hardware, software and both can't make phone calls??? Well I guess with the touch you don't have to buy a plan from AT&T.

I can't say i care. An old iphone is a better ipod touch to hand down. Or there's an bigger ipod touch called an ipad.

I'm confused, this article stated nothing about a definite that there will be a new iPod Touch. Why the definite opinion in the title then?

My predictions:
- Last year's model with 8GB for $199.
- A4, Retina Display, Gyroscope, Accelerometers, NO cameras, with 32GB for $299.
- All of the above plus front facing camera (VGA) and back facing camera (3 Megapixel, VGA video) for FaceTime with 64GB for $399.
Apple has to bundle the A4, Retina Display, Gyroscope to not fragment the App Store too much (mainly for games). But cameras and FaceTime are a "premium" add-on feature, only for the high-end iPod touch and iPhone 4s. And Apple has to keep those margins high and can't make the iPod touch too attractive. Because in the end the iPod touch is only supposed to be your gateway drug into the iOS world.

@Dionte "Why does the ipod touch 32 gb only cost $299 but they iphone 32gb models cost $699, are the GSM/UMTS radios and gps chip that much more expensive? Or is some of the iphone cost going to make up for the low price of the touch models?"
The iPod touch 32 GB has two 16 GB NAND flash packages while the iPhone has one 32 GB NAND flash package. The 32 GB NAND flash package is more expensive than two 16 GB ones. This is in addition to all of the cellular related parts, the camera, and anything not in the iPod touch, but in the iPhone.
In addition, the margins on the iPhone are higher than the iPod touch.

I expect to see:
8 hr video time
40 hr audio time
960x640 3.5" LCD
32 and 64 GB storage
WiFi b/g/n
Facetime cam
A4 SoC (~800 GHz Cortex A8 and SGX535)
I think it will not have:
Back-facing camera
iPhone 4 design language (steel external antenna, glass front/back)
128 GB storage
It'll have a new case design, but it will have to be one of those classy but cheap to manufacture type designs. I don't think 128 GB storage (or one 64 GB flash package) is within the realm of affordability right now. True mass production for that type of flash storage capacity probably wont occur until Q4 at the earliest.

I think a back facing camera is needed for a consistent FaceTime experience. Apple emphasized the fact that you can see what others see too much in its commercials to drop the feature from a FaceTime enabled iPod touch. That's why I think a 3 MP back facing camera (VGA video) will be in the $399 iPod touch.

Hell if they put a front and back facing camera on it plus the A4, that would be a pretty kick ass iPod.
All in all, I think at least, it will get the Retina Display, & Camera.

@Mike11. Good point! I'd love to see iPhone 4 quality back and front cameras. Maybe it's possible cost-wise since I don't think they are increasing storage for this round.
In truth, I'm on the fence about the Retina Display even. These are going to be $300 and $400 devices. A 16 GB iPod touch G3 will be in the $200 price point. You can only put so much into them and maintain margins. So, something we want or think will be in there will be left out.

I seriously hope there is only one camera — back facing. That camera should be slightly lower than the iPhone 4 (to define the line between them), yet at least 2 MP. I think a gyroscope is a must because iPod touch is supposed to be the premium gaming iDevice and Apple needs more customers for gyroscope games like Rubik's Cube. I'd love to have the A4 chip and longer battery life. I hope Apple doesn't change the shape of the iPod touch too much. An iPhone 4 type of design change would be too much. A Retina display would be fantastic, but again not as high of a resolution as the iPhone 4 — maybe 3 times better instead of 4 times?
Overall, I want ONE camera; a gyroscope; and Retina display as my top 3 wishes.

@Shrike: I don't think we will see a 5MP camera with HD video in any iPod touch this year. 3MP with VGA video is good enough for FaceTime (and cheaper). Steve's explanation could be "we wanted to give it the iPhone's back facing camera, but sadly the iPod touch is too thin, so we had to use a smaller 3MP (VGA video) camera."
Regarding the Retina Display: the $199 8GB iPod touch won't get it, it will just be last year's iPod touch with 8GB.
But I think the $299 and $399 ones will have to get one because of compatibility issues. And because of that Apple will save some money on NAND and not update the storage capacities this year, plus only the most expensive $399 iPod touch will get cameras and FaceTime. All in the name of margins and product differentiation.

I think they will change the design to match the iphone 4 w retina display, add hd camera and gyroscope. Keep the storage capabilities the same. Maybe the front facing camera.

I hope they change it to the iPad aluminium back without a camera, I don't want/ need a camera for the extra they would charge.
I WANT: A4 Processor, Retina Display, 'N' WiFi, Aluminium Back like iPad, Gyroscope, Ability to load on (read only) a keynote presentation and plug it in to a projector
I DO NOT WANT: Camera, glass back, anything that puts the price up a bit.

I'd like the dual cameras (front and back) and a WiFi radio that actually gets decent reception for "weaker" signals, at least as strong as what a basic integrated PC WiFi can keep a solid connection on.

The camera has been one thing that Apple has used as an incentive for iPod Touch users to upgrade to iPhones, Why would Apple sacrifice that?

New camera which can act as a webcam via blutooth built in microphone larger screen/battery life new design (like iphone 4) faster than previous versions

i think they should put out an 128 gb so that way i can RULE OUT MY BROTHER WITH HIS CHEAP 160 gb classic

128 gigs o' flash storage seems pretty far-fetched to me, unless Steve's boys have feasible means of manufacturing sub 25 nm flash memory architecture, so i guess i'll prefer a 96 GB version of the iPod Touch. Also, a 5 Megapixel cam with Single/Dual LED flash and 720p video capture capabilities and a VGA front-facing cam, of course, FaceTime enabled, would do nicely, and of course, gyro and digital compass/magnetometer and A-GPS. The A4 chip sounds unnecessary and an 800 MHz one will do nicely instead. Of course, I expect the Retina Display fitted on the iPod but i'll settle for the conventional HVGA or maybe even WVGA resolution screen.

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My mum said that I could have an iPod touch for christmas and I was wonder if there was going to be a new iPod touch and now I under stand thanks to you thanks