Iron Man 3 for iOS hands on with Gameloft at GDC 2013

Iron Man 3 is coming to movie theaters everywhere this may, and coming with it is Iron Man 3 for iOS by Gameloft. Simon and I had a chance to go hands on with it at GDC, and while he loved the fast-paced gameplay -- more flyer than its adventure-centric predecessors -- they had me at Hulk Buster armor. And Silver Sentinel.

Marvel and Gameloft fantastic with their blend of mainstream movie design and old-style comic book lore. It gets the wide audience, but also makes longtime fans of Old Shell-head smile their golden Avengers off.

Excelsior, guys! Can't wait until this lands in the App Store!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Iron Man 3 for iOS hands on with Gameloft at GDC 2013


Wow that looks awesome. I have always been a huge fan of Iron Man and would love to play that game. I know it was shown being played on an iPad but just wondering will it be available on iPhone...yes I know it says iOS...just asking. Hopefully I will get that 500 dollar gift certificate so I can get an guys rock iMore!!!

This looks amazing! I cannot wait for it to come out. I'm guessing it will be a $4.99-$6.99 application. This app, sadly, won't work with iPAD 1. I may have to buy a new iPad..probably a mini. What 500 dollar gift certificate?

The video stated that the app will be free probably be an in game purchase app. IMore is giving away a $500 Apple gift card this month... This is the last week to register for's in one of the posts if you go to iMore on the web it's one of the posts at the top.

Yesssssss! This should be exciting. I love Iron Man. I can't wait for the release, this should be a big seller for these guys.

Speaking of Iron Man, for anyone that lives near Disneyland in California, Innoventions will have a new display area completely devoted to Iron Man tech. All suits from the movie will be on display. I just read about this and thought since this is an Iron Man related post people might want to know. Opens 4/13/13. The article I read even states that you can "virtually suit up" in the armor and feel what its like to use the repulsor blast.

Never been too impressed with games based on movies. Once the hype wears off it just seems like another cookie cutter game.

I enjoyed playing Iron Man 2, this game looks great! can wait to try it out (and for the movie to come out!!).

Looks like a cool game and the graphics look great. Wonder if it will work on my slower and lower resolution iPad mini...

Usually I don't go for movie tie-ins, but this looks like fun. I do play Temple Run occasionally; this looks like it adds a nice sense of flight. My 3.5-year-old likes Iron Man, but probably doesn't have the reflexes to try this yet.

My goodness ! Really ! Gameloft is like they are making a game from a movie that hasnt been released.Engineers really does good job.