iSkin solo High-Gloss, Streamlined Protection for Your iPhone


The iSkin solo for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS [$29.95 - iMore Store Link] has quickly become one of the most popular slim-fitting skin cases available today. To find out why, follow us after the break!

The iSkin solo comes in 4 vibrant high-gloss colors: blue, red, black, and white. At first glance it appears the solo is just another hard plastic shell, and some might worry that it has a higher probability of scratching your phone than protecting it. But have no fear, it's actually a very soft plastic with the interior being an even softer matte rubber finish that will not scratch your iPhone.

Another perk of this soft plastic is that it's not tacky like most silicone cases out there. The biggest complaint I hear about silicone cases is the amount of dust and lint they attract, this is not the case with the iSkin solo. So, while it does provide you with is a material that will ensure that your iPhone will not go slipping out of your hands, it's also great news for those of you who put your iPhone into your pocket or purse and want to be able to remove it easily and -- lint free.


On the protection front, the solo has you pretty well covered. You get decent protection without sacrificing any functionality. Your screen, docking port, headphone jack, and camera access are readily accessible while your volume and power buttons remain safely protected. As a added bonus, iSkin includes a nice crystal clear screen protector that is equivalent in quality to the ones you can purchase separately. Will the solo save your screen from cracking if you drop it on concrete? Of course not, but it will protect your device from your typical bumps and scratches.


Overall I am a fan of what the iSkin solo brings to the table. If you are seeking a case that provides heavy duty protection, I suggest you look elsewhere but if you want a case that will provide casual protection for every day use along with a a nice sleek look, this would be an excellent choice.

Learn more and purchase @ iMore Store >>>


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Reader comments

iSkin solo High-Gloss, Streamlined Protection for Your iPhone


Because most people eventually find that those stupid flip front cases just get in the way. People tried to sell them back in the palm days but they were so not in demand compared to more convenient cases. For casual day to day use you need to balance security with convenience. There were like about dozen people who bought those complex notebook storage folio cases which required you to basically pull the thing out, set it down and go over your schedule. If I just want to check a message that comes in, a flip cover becomes very annoying.
I'm not saying that there aren't some people that work that way, it just wasn't that common in the palm era and it's still not common today.

I have this in the clear. I really like it. It's rubbery and slightly flexible. It comes with a clear screen protector as well, so the whole phone is covered.
My only wish is that the clear was MORE clear, nit frosted. I have a white iPhone and I would like the white to show more.

I actually bought this case in white and it got stained badly from my jeans in about a week! A really great case but the quality of the white one is really bad. Has this happened to someone else?

I really liked this case. Only thing I didn't like was the piece covering the sleep/wake button was pretty hard to press. After I got the Incipio feather though I sold it to a friend.

Another vote for the Candyshell. It's going to take a super amazing case to get me to stop using it. I've started to collect the various Candyshell colors for variety.

i currently have this case and i love it. really clean simple and very durable. looking into getting the solo fx pretty soon

I use a hard leather case mate with my iPhone. Works great looks great and protects all in one.

I just got the Solo for my 3G to replace a leather covered hardshell case. The covering started peeling on the former case, so I looked for a replcement.
I like the feel, the grip, and the protection this gives, without the lumpy gummy stickiness of the usual silicone rubber cases. It slides into pocket easily, yet gives ample, confidence inspiring grip in the hand. The slight overlap of the case onto the front bezel protects it from scratching, but doesn't impinge on the touchscreen. I also appreciate that it comes with a screen protector, though I already had one on the phone. I got the blue and got some admiring comments from a few. I'd recommend it.

ive had something like this for another of my phones...
yeah it sounds nice, but doesnt feel as nice as other cases
and since a number of you are talking about the candyshell, mine should be in the mailbox tomorrow! woot!

I tried the speck candyshell for my 3gs and I didn't like the it showed the chrome lip/bezel around the phone. So I went and purchased in incase slider in gloss whit to cover my white iPhone. It fits super snug, doesn't scratch and covers the bezel for that perfectly styled " lay on the table design". Very happy with it.

I have this cover and I love it. I have tried a lot of cases but this is my favorite. It's not weak and flimsy like silicone cases but it's not hard plastic so it won't scratch like other cases do. It's a strong plastic that feels really good.
My only complaint is that some dust can build up where the case meets the face of the phone. That didn't happen with the Candyshell...but that's a very small issue and theres a quick 2 second fix here and there.
I would recommend it!

I'll stick with my Griffin Elan case for now for everyday use. I like the leather look & feel to it, plus it makes my iPhone 3GS look spiffy. I also just got a Mophie Juicepack Air for when I travel and I think I'm going to like that a lot.

I have the same problem as @Jvar07: a blue jeans-stained white solo case :( any ideas how to clean it up?

I've had this thing now for the past year and I've had no intention of changing it. It works really great in protecting my iphone. Thanks for the recommendation.

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