iTablet Rumor Updates -- Superhard 10" Panels, and iSlate Nostalgia for MessageSlate


Some interesting rumor updates on the iTablet, or iSlate if Apple goes that way, including the status of its panel and production, and some nostalgia for another unreleased bit of Apple kit -- the Newton-era MessageSlate.

Last things first -- a while back on iPhone Live! Chad and were chatting tablets and he wondered if Apple would go with iBook. To me, 1) that sounds more like a device that folds open and closed like a laptop or dual-screen tablet and 2) Apple is historically the very opposite of nostalgic and ruthlessly disposes of the past in a relentless drive for the future.

But now MacRumors reminds us about the old Newton-based MessageSlate, and we're left to wonder -- does this make the rumored tablet name of iSlate more likely, or less likely?

Now to the meat of it, MacRumors is also quoting Economic Daily and Digitimes on stories involving orders for supposedly tablet-bound "connectors" and Foxconn's subsidiary Innolux for 10" touch panels.

The panels, they say, are what's been holding the tablet up:

Apple has been seeking solutions to strengthen the glass of the 10-inch panel for the device and was forced to delay the launch until first-quarter 2010, the sources noted.

To go along with these rumored details about rumored products, we still have a rumored January 26th, 2010 for the rumored announcement, so stay tuned!

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Rene Ritchie

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iTablet Rumor Updates -- Superhard 10" Panels, and iSlate Nostalgia for MessageSlate


please someone tell me what is the purpose of an itablet. is supposed to be more moilbe than carrying around a labtop. I dont see the point.

Off topic, but was watching CNBC this morning and Apple analyst said he's 99% sure Apple will offer iPhone on Verizon in second half of 2010.
What scares me (and can you offer your input) is the possibility of Apple offering a new iPhone with VZW that has new features (front facing camera, etc) that won't be in an update for AT&T. Any chances of that being the only product update for July?

Speaking of off-topic. Why is this on here? This is an (the) iPhone blog, not Apple blog.

What would Apple do for the entire rest of the world then? ;)
Given almost 3 years of 1 identical model all around the world, on every carrier, what are the odds of that, seriously?
"analysts" are like weathermen.