More iTablet Rumors: Apple Set to Redefine Newspapers, Textbooks, Magazines


Yes, the iTablet rumors just keep on coming, with the latest from Gizmodo being that Apple is in talks with traditional print publishers -- text books, newspapers, and magazines, to redefine their industry they way they have music (and are trying to do with video).

Two people related to the NYTimes have separately told me that in June, paper was approached by Apple to talk about putting the paper on a "new device." [...] A person close to a VP in textbook publishing mentioned to me in July that McGraw Hill and Oberlin Press are working with Apple to move textbooks to iTunes.[...] Apple also recently had several executives from one of the largest magazine groups at their Cupertino's campus, where they were asked to present their ideas on the future of publishing.

Gizmodo is also backing the rumored January announce date. What remains uncertain is, of course, the market for next generation print media. The Kindle was recently, and very publicly, panned by Princeton students as being unusable. Apple will have the benefit of the existing iTunes and iPhone ecosystem to fall back on, and buy them time -- people can browse the web, listen to music, watch videos on the iTablet -- but they'll have to present a much more usable solution to get that print dinosaur cyberized for the next millennium.

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Rene Ritchie

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More iTablet Rumors: Apple Set to Redefine Newspapers, Textbooks, Magazines


Well if Apple is going after magazines, papers, books and such - I'd rather read those on a larger screen than the iPhone. Movies and other videos too. Yes the iPhone screen is great, but an iPod Touch with larger screen would suit me just fine.

Or more likely who needs an iphone with an itable (well it would be a little awkward to hold the itablet to your ears...)
PS: I seriously hope, and think, that apple would come up with something more usable than a scaled up ipod Touch/iphone as a table design - especially the home page interface.

I do it would be perfect for me at school. It would be great if it worked like a projector. I would buy a textbook on iTunes elimated heavy books and save trees at the same time.

Finally, Apple's making something for the prison population who have nothing else to do. Now, to see if any wardens will allow these.

Apple hasn't shown a single reason why this would be revolutionary. All they have shown is a big ass Iphone. At least Microsoft demoed what their Courier technology would do.

@Truth- to be fair, Apple hasn't shown anything at all. This is all just rumors and gossip, and none of it direct from Apple. Wait 'til you hear something in an Apple Keynote presentation and then compare to Microsoft's Courier.

I don't know if the eTextbook thing will play out, but I wish I had something this cool when I was in college. Of course back then a "portable" computer was the size of a small suitcase and probably weighed around 30 lbs! I didn't even have a computer for college and had to use the ones in the computer labs to write my term papers.

And, which of the following operating systems get their media content exclusively from iTunes?
1) iPod OS
2) iPhone OS
3) OSX

I'd like to see this thing redefine textbooks for students. The kindle keyboard is garbage for note taking in a book. I want a pen so that I can underline, highlight and write notes. Then digital will begin to replace print.

when did apple show a big fucking iPhone? Everything has been pure speculation. I love people who feel such a need to shit talk apple that they're resorting to products that don't even exist yet.

Unless Apple can figure a way to compact this into my pocket there is no way I will be carrying this around.

Microsoft demoed what the courier technology can so? Yeah I remember when the demoed "longhorn". How long did that take to see the light of day? And how much did the
final product actually resemble said demo? Just asking

It may not fit in your pocket, but what if it replaced your laptop? would you carry it then?
I also agree with Kris and won't need an iPhone and this..maybe a bluetooth headset w/ microphone so you don't have to hold it to your ear?? duh.

could it be great to be accesible for Architectural programs like Autocad Archicad and design like 3d and Adobe or Corel


Apple hasn’t shown a single reason why this would be revolutionary.

Apple hasn't shown ANYTHING yet.
But if this story has a shred of truth in it, then it is VERY revolutionary. If you can't see that... well, poor you!
The print industry is slowly dieing. They are casting around for ways to monetize their output and putting it on the web is proving less lucrative than ever imagined.
Huge investments in server farms and geeks to run them and virtually nothing in advertising revenue.
This is George Jetson's newspaper, his library, his kids backpack full of school books.
Several other reader manufacturers have entered this market, and most of them are supplying wide area (3G/Edge) connections like wispersync where the cost of the connections is built into the purchase price.
If Apple follows that model (not saying they will) and handles subscription management services to content providers via Itunes, they would make bazillions.
Apple would sell the device, protect the forests (gush green everyone), make a percentage selling subscriptions to jazzed up newspapers and magazines, handle distribution for a fee, and build yet another datacenter in Europe to handle the load.
(Of course, if even half as successful as iTunes for music, such a service would quickly attract regulators as they would be using their dominant market position in music sales to leverage a dominant position in print media. They would be forced to open this up to other devices, and perhaps forced to open up their itablet to other service providers).
I bet Jobs came back from his liver transplant saw the iTablet and was not impressed. Then he saw the revenue the iTunes+Appstore was bringing in, and listened to Rupert Murdock b*tch about News free loaders, ( ) and decided to hold back the Tablet and add a whole new dimension to its purpose.
He had the right tools at the right time.

Apple won't just make a large iPhone (without the phone) or a small laptop (without the keyboard.) The are in the business of making game changing products and I am sure that when (if) the iTablet (man I hate that name) comes out, it will have features and capabilities that we haven't even imagined. There is definitely a market for digital text seeing that a lot of newspapers are folding (pun intended) and people are turning to the internet for their news. Imagine instead of opening up a giant NY Times on the bus, fighting to fold the paper in half backwards while making quite a ruckus, you simply touch a screen, plug in your ear phones, and voila, you've got all the media you could want - text, audio, video, etc - at your fingertips. It works fine on an iPhone, but let's face it, the iPhone is small. It's not ideal for reading a lot of text at once. All we can do is hold our breath while we wait for Apple to perfect (or nearly perfect - if it's perfect the first time how can they justify a new model) their iTablet and release it to the wolves when they feel the time is (financially) right.

I dont think there's anyway they could price this thing anywhere close to correct...i was so interested in it but i think i would just wind up getting a macbook...whats the whole purpose of a tablet anyway..its a half fast...thing.pointless if you ask me. right along side that apple remote..i understand we want the all in one feature instead of having numerous things in our pockets or homes..but how many all-in-ones that do the same thing do you need?? a a touch screen camera, a touch screen mp3 player, a touch screen mp3 player with a camera, an mp3 player with a camera, a macbook with a camera, watching movies on your mac, apple tv, a remote that has all the options thats on your apple tv on your remote...ridiculous..just ridiculous..its not convenience anymore..its laziness. and its a brand trying get every penny out of you.

While Apple will no doubt deliver an amazing platform for ebooks and other media, I must laugh at times at how Apple "markets" existing technology to define a new category.
"...create hybridized content that draws from audio, video, interactive graphics in books, magazines and newspapers..."
Errrrhhhh... isn't that called a website???
Love, peace and happiness.

I'm still hooked on the Courier. It presents a better, more functional way to use this. The newest demo shows better usage of having a newspaper or textbook on it. If you see something you like, cut and paste and clip it. If you want to note and and upload.
I mean, I think the iTablet should just stay what people are expecting it to be. A media device/gaming machine first and foremost. Leave the educational purposes to the Courier...

For what it's worth, I did a detailed analysis of what it would mean for Apple to "re-invent" print media in digital form, concluding that Apple has three key things going for it that make it a natural:

  1. A pre-existing 50M device footprint with the iPhone + iPod Touch that provides leverage for a new device;
  2. A proven dynamic platform (read: integrated hardware-software-services-tools) for end-to-end content creation, application development, distribution, and global reach, supported by deep application and media libraries, and a robust runtime space;
  3. A durable billing relationship with consumers to the tune of 100M credit cards on file (iTunes + App Store, Mobile Me).

Plus, the history of Steve Jobs dating back to Next suggests that this is strategic to him (and thus, Apple), something the post covers:
Rebooting the Book (One Apple iPad Tablet at a Time)
Check it out if interested.

the 3gs is the third generation of iPhone. With the success afforded to the previous models.....well apple doesn't need to reinvent the wheel everytime out. This tablet on the other hand will b a completely new device. I don't think anyone really has any idea what we're in store for. This will be more comparable to the release of the first iPhone.

ive got to be honest, if its just a slab i would be incredibly unimpressed.
Right now the Courier stands above the iTablet (idk the name). Why would i buy a Tablet over a full blown macbook? I know why, cause there would be no reason to.
Id need to see input methods and everything. Unless they're just looking to put a hurtin on the Kindle im just not impressed by the rumors so far

Wouldn't it be awesome if apple combined flexible oled screen technology and nonotechnology to make it bendable/ flexible?! You could wrap it up and put it in your pocket!!!
Or at least foldable to the size of an iPod touch. (just thicker). Apples good at new stuff. Maybe 2011!!

unfortunately if the itablet it only going to be focused on revolutionizing print (which yes, would be extremely cool) i dont think i would need to buy it. I cant spend $800+ on a really nice "kindle".. Yes it would be awesome to download your daily Los Angeles Times with it and be able to play video clips where pictures usually are, and to underline and high light things in text books, but if thats the main concern then it of little use to me unfortunately. my MacBooks 13" screen is about as low as i can go with screen size for working on actual projects in autodesk or adobe products and unless the itablet has a bigger screen (preferably around 12-13") and has a processor and RAM to match i dont see this replacing my macbook.
Yes i agree its a revolutionary piece of tech, if it comes out to be whats rumored, but it just has no place in my life unfortunately if its main focus is print, and runs an iPhone OS. For me to get into it, it should be the lid of a macbook ripped away from the key board, running atleast OSX. that would be idea for me to even consider getting one, when i already have a MacBook and iPhone..

I love it when somebody makes even the slightest cut at apple because the fanboys on here simply cannot help themselves. they see the big bad Microsoft being mentioned in a post and start drooling. it's like mentioning George bush to a democrat. same reflex. anyway, I don't see the point of the tablet. how would one type on it, that just seems awkward. how would you watch movies? would you have to buy a stand for that? what do you think, fanboys? educate me plzzzzzzz

I've often been accused of fanboyism and I don't really see the point in it either. Though it must be said that the original iPod was supposed to fail....the iPhone couldn't possibly be a success....and the touch? It's just an iPhone without the phone....who wants that?

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