Iterate 43: Pocket Casts and going Android first

Iterate 43: Pocket Casts and going Android first

Russell Ivanovic, Philip Simpson, and Matt Kelsh of Shifty Jelly talk to Marc, Seth, and Rene about being indie in Australia, making Pocket Weather, and why they decided to go Android first for Pocket Casts. Note: All accents in this show are, we assume, fake.

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Iterate 43: Pocket Casts and going Android first


I think this is a wise decision. When working on an app, you need to factor in the costs. The fact that they can sell it on Android for 1$ more and still outsell on Android 5x that of iOS is a major reason to switch to Android first. Also, since there is a gap of "good" podcasts, it's the best time for them to come into android and establish a foothold.

I didn't know where to post this. Rene does iMore allow guest posts. I would like to submit something but couldn't find a link anywhere. Thanks in advance.

I recently bought a new podcast app for my iPhone. I bought Downcast because I had read that Pocketcast's new upgrade was for Android only. I really don't like apps that cater to that platform first.