Iterate 46: Beck, Ohms, Urbanick, and Press

Iterate 46: Beck, Ohms, Urbanick, and Press

Jordan Beck, Jay Ohms, and Chad Urbanick of TwentyFive Squares join Marc, Seth, Rene and Andrew Martonik of Android Central to talk about their outstanding Android RSS reader, Press. Also, life after Google Reader, platform exclusivity, and more!

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Iterate 46: Beck, Ohms, Urbanick, and Press


Press is a nice app. However, it has unacceptable intrusive permissions. It requests access to the Android logs, and could potentially access sensitive information. The authors promised in response to my email that they will never do that. However, that is like having a stranger asking for my ATM card/pin with the promise that they will never retire money from my account (well... almost).

I'm not completely against those permissions. If you state them in advance, before the user pays for your app, and provide good justification in your app description then it is ok.
However, they added this requirement AFTER I paid for the app WITHOUT disclosure and without explanation. In essence, the application is different than the one that I paid for - actually, one that I'm forced to uninstall for security reasons. In effect, I paid for an app that I no longer can use.
But in top of that, they do not respect their paying customers enough as for including an explanation in their app What's New or Description. This is unacceptable.

Just noticed that the smartphone version is not requesting those permissions anymore. The tablet version (Galaxy Tab) does, however.