Iterate 48: iOS 7 design special (Part 1)

Iterate 48: iOS 7 design special (Part 1)

Loren Brichter, Sebastiaan de With, Marc Edwards, Rene Ritchie, and Dave Wiskus discuss iOS 7 and the new design language Apple unveiled for it at WWDC 2013, including icons, fonts, physics, interactions, and more. (Part 1 of a 2 part special edition.)

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Iterate 48: iOS 7 design special (Part 1)


Seems to me iOS 7 is a case of Apple biting off more than they could chew in the amount of time they had. I'd be curious to know the back story on development. I wonder how much of iOS 7 was Ive coming in and dictating how its going to be or providing a high level vision that the software designers worked off of. With all the leaks that came out we have yet to see any that indicate tension or major disagreement between Ive and the software design team. I'd be curious to know if that existed at all. If there was I have to imagine it will leak at some point and someone will be thrown under the bus.

Quite honestly though I'm getting sick of all these design critique stories. I think we all need to follow Jim Dalrymple's advice and take a deep breath and relax. Yes, developers and testers should be sending lots of feedback to Apple. But iOS 7 isn't being released tomorrow. Apple has time to polish the interface and fix some of the UI design issues before it is released. I have no doubt people at Apple are working overtime doing just that. Tim Cook isn't going to allow another maps to happen on his watch.

Maybe Apple stirred the frosting on the iOS 7 cake so that developers would have to do their own thinking. If the Apple app icons were set in marzipan now, developers would be on them like flies, cloning and cuing off them. Now I'm hungry.