Iterate 49: iOS 7 design special (Part 2)

Iterate 49: iOS 7 design special (Part 2)

Chris Clark, Brad Ellis, Louie Mantia, Neven Mrgan, Rene Ritchie discuss iOS 7 and the new design language Apple unveiled for it at WWDC 2013, including icons, fonts, physics, interactions, and more. (Part 2 of a 2 part special edition.)

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Rene Ritchie

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Iterate 49: iOS 7 design special (Part 2)

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Had the thought while listening that the oversized application icon templates indicate more interactivity to follow. The template seems bloated when static, but will allow for more data-rich icons in the future. The ticking clock is an example where the subtle movement makes the icon look in scale. I'd further expect that the weather icon will be updated with live temperature and other applications will bring other data to the surface. To say it another way... the larger space will allow for more data in the tiny widget icons of the future.