iTranslate updated to version 7.1, brings updated design to the iPad

iTranslate updated to version 7.1, brings updated design to the iPad

iTranslate, one of our favorite translation apps for iPhone, has just been updated to add full support for the iPad. Aside from becoming a universal download, the iPad version has now been updated for iOS 7 as well.

After the release of iOS 7, the iPhone version of iTranslate was updated rather quickly leaving the iPad version behind. As of version 7.1, the old version of iTranslate for iPad will be discontinued and a universal binary for both will take its place. The iPad version has been completely redesigned from the ground up for iOS 7.

iTranslate is available in the App Store for free. You can upgrade to the premium version for a one time in-app purchase of $4.99 which will get you voice recognition, ad removal, unlimited translations, and SSL support. If you happen to try out the new version of iTranslate for the iPad, let us know what you think in the comments!

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iTranslate updated to version 7.1, brings updated design to the iPad


As long as they continue with those high prices. Then yes it is a dying product. It Just doesn't make sense the prices hasn't dropped any lower.

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I've been using Google Translate for so long now... Here's your chance. Convince me why I should kick Goggle to the curb and use iTranslate.

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I use google translate as my translation app. But be definitely downloading this to see if it's good and if so I'll consider upgrading.

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After learning of google's sharing/selling of my information, I will try anything but.

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I hear your concerns. But this app will keep everything you have translated onba server somewhere. Whos to say they won't sell your data either? Google is at least up front about it.

Ugh, I paid for the Presidental Pack and now it's going bye-bye. Not sure I'd support him at this point all over again.

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