iTranslate Voice takes another step towards Star Trek with AirTranslate!

iTranslate Voice updates with device-to-device translation, new languages

iTranslate Voice has been updated to version 2.0, bringing new features, such as the ability to use multiple devices for conversations, and imporvements, including support for new languages and a refreshed interface.

The biggest addition is that of AirTranslate, which allows for two devices to link together to make conversing across languages even easier. Rather than having two people speak into the same device, AirTranslate lets each person use their own device, sending your words to them, and theirs to you. To activate AirTranslate, as well as access other settings, swipe up on the new hamburger menu at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom of the settings panel, tap the AirTranslate button, and wait to be connected to the other user after they have done the same.

Eight new languages are supported in this release. Thai, Catalan, and Romanian each have full voice recognition and text-to-speech support, while Hebrew, Croatian, Malay, Ukrainian and Vietnamese have voice recognition, but not text-to-speech just yet. There is also a new presidential voice pack that reads text in the voice of former President Bush, President Obama, and Mitt Romney.

The update is available now on the App Store, while new users can grab iTranslate Voice for $0.99.

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iTranslate Voice takes another step towards Star Trek with AirTranslate!