Plants vs Zombies 2 hits the App Store tomorrow!

It's been out in Australia for a few weeks now on a soft launch, but finally, Plants vs Zombies 2 will be hitting the App Store around the world. Tomorrow. The App Store team made the 'announcement' via their Facebook page, but there's no mistaking the teaser image, and the caption "It's About Time."

Of course, our very own Georgia couldn't wait, so she's already got the game from Australia, and given it a thorough going over. You can check that out in the video up top, and by clicking the link below for even more. Who's excited? Come on, own up!

Source: App Store (Facebook)

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Plants vs Zombies 2 hits the App Store tomorrow!

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Wow, miss you, Georgia! Thanks for the review.

I played through the original Plants vs. Zombies a few weeks ago in anticipation of the sequel being released. I'd always gotten stuck on the "fog" levels previously but somehow powered through this time. Glad I did. The mini games were a blast to play. Very fun. Looking forward to the sequel tomorrow!