It's Daylight Saving Time again — Check your clocks and alarms!

If you're unlucky enough to live in one of the regions — like most of the United States and Canada — where spring means pushing the clocks forward an hour in what's called Daylight Saving Time but is better thought of as Lose an Hour of Sleep Night, then it's time once again to do just that. And because the iPhone and iPad have historically had as much trouble handling the change as we humans, you might want to make sure you give yourself a backup alarm backup for the evening and double-check your iOS time against some other source as soon as you wake up.

Once you're certain you'll be waking up when you're supposed to — or sleeping an hour later than normal! — let me know what you think about the idea of Daylight Saving Time in general? Personally I want to kill it with fire.

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Rene Ritchie

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It's Daylight Saving Time again — Check your clocks and alarms!


> Personally I want to kill it with fire.

I can relate to that. Messing with clocks because you just can't handle Sunrise is for wimps (not the astrophysics kind).

BTW, the EU switch to summertime is in three weeks time.

Seeing this headline on Twitter got me scared, thanks for reminding me we (Europe) switch in 3 weeks :P

It was an agricultural measure, not a sunrise issue. Pushing time back an hour provides an extra hour of work, extra hour of pay, etc etc (or so the thinking was)

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Yeah kinda sucks, but not really a big deal--(yawn) just a shorter day in hours, but later sunlight!

In the day of smart phones, tablets, computers, internet time, et al. I don't think it's necessary to keep reminding people to set your clocks. All of my computers, my DVRs, my iPhones, my iPads, everything except my Rolex automagically set themselves.

It's nice to be reminded so you are not feeling all day long there's something weird with your clocks that automagically changed themselves.

My iPhone and Blackberry handled it flawlessly this time around. Sadly, I still missed my flight because I was just too tired to get ready fast enough. Oh well, airport bar here I come!

I really don't see the advantage of DST anymore now that we're basically a 24-hour society so I'm with you, Rene - kill it. Kill it with fire.

Thankfully my iOS devices made the switch just fine.

It didn't go to well for me. I woke up and the cable box read 7:30 and I wondered why my 7am alarm didn't go off. I looked at my iPhone and the time read 6:30. I went to settings to make sure I had it set to set automatically and it was. A quick toggle of the switch and now all is good.

I love it!! It doesn't get darker until later! And I don't care what people say, you are still getting the same amount if sleep!

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Why is the change at 2am? It is so inconvenient having to get up at 2am to change the clock on my microwave and coffee machine twice a year.

Because the bars close at 2, and the revenuers want to get their money! Lol

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Why do you wanna get up at 2am precisely to change the time? lol

And it's at 2am because you rather wanna sleep 1hr more/less, than work 1hr more/less. :p

I want to get up at 2am because that is when the time change actually happens. Doing it before you got to bed is cheating. How do you expect me to sleep from 10:30p to 2:00a knowing my clocks are an hour fast? Disgusting if you ask me.

One of the only times where I like living in Arizona. We don't mess with daylight savings and I love the crap out of it. It is kinda weird when all the shows if watch are moved around, but that's not a hassle or anything.

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I didn't have an alarm set, but the time updated correctly.

The calendar is showing the bug where it's putting the current time's line in the wrong hour block, but it's labeled with the correct time. Not sure why this is still an issue (albeit a more cosmetic one). iOS 7.0.6 (iPhone 5 and iPad 3rd Gen)

And I'm in the "burn DST with fire" camp. It's almost comical that we still do this twice a year (and even went through the hassle of "tweaking" it like we did a number of years ago).

Guess who's time did not change on their phone. Lucky me, but yet my iMac can tell time correctly. Very interesting.

I read an interesting article that looked at the history of Daylight Saving Time. There is no good evidence that DST ever really saved money or energy as some proponents in the US Congress argued when they voted to extend DST to give us an extra six weeks of it. There really is no good reason to keep doing it. I agree with Renee - burn it with fire.

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I love it! Still have to wait 3 weeks but personally, I really enjoy DST. Having light until 10pm is awesome since I am awake during the evening. In contrast, if there wouldn't be DST it would get day somewhere at 4am and most days I'm still sound asleep until 7am. So kudos to DST.

The strange thing, no matter how careful you are about setting the clocks before going to bed, or whenever you do it, there is always one clocked missed. It is different every time. Yes I have too many clocks, but need one for each room. I think we need to stand together and do away with dst.

I love DST, but don't like the way the government keeps tweaking it. If I remember correctly, when I was a kid in the 60's and 70's it started the first weekend in April and ended the first weekend in October, which was great. Then in the 80's they moved the end of it to the last weekend in October, still not too bad. Now they start it way too early and end it way too late, making it 5-6 weeks longer and leading to kids going to school in the dark. If they'd move it back to the way it was, it would be great - I love that extra hour of daylight. As far as losing an hour of sleep once a year - is that really a huge problem?