iTunes 10.3 now available with beta iCloud support

With the iCloud unveiling yesterday, Apple also announced that a new version of iTunes and a beta version of iCloud would be available now (with the rest rolling out in the Fall). Users have been reporting iTunes 10.3 downloads becoming available over the past 24 hours. Now, it appears to be available for everyone.

Keep in mind only some iCloud services are available now (and they're still considered beta). The rest will be rolled out this Fall. You should already see changes to the App Store on your devices as those were rolled out wireless yesterday.

iTunes 10.3 will let you do the following right now -

  • Automatic downloads - Purchase music from any device or computer and automatically download a copy to your Mac and iOS devices

  • Download previous purchases - Download your past music purchases again at no additional cost. Your purchases are available in the iTunes Store on your Mac or in the iTunes app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Previous purchases may be unavailable if they are no longer on the iTunes Store.

The rest of the services will be available this Fall, along with iOS 5.

Did you download it already? Any bugs so far or is it working for you like Apple said it would?

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Reader comments

iTunes 10.3 now available with beta iCloud support


I love the idea. Unfortunately it would seem there must be some Legalistic problems here in the UK as the music side of iCloud is not available. But hey, we can wait a bit longer.

I just opened iTunes and checked for upgrades. It says 10.2.2 is still the current version. I'm in So. Cal.

Is it confirmed to be jailbreak safe yet? I've got it downloaded and ready to install...just waiting on confirmation=/

From what I can tell so far, the iCloud beta is only available (in the US) for AT&T users, as I'm with Verzion and it is still not available for my phone. Unless that changes once I get home and connect it to iTunes.

Hm...I don't think that's true. I've got the limited iCloud features discussed in the post working fine on my iPod Touch/iPad 2 (I don't own an iPhone). Maybe it's that you have to be running 4.3.3? (Verizon iPhones aren't on that version yet right?)

I checked for update on iTunes and it said 10.2.2 was current version but I ran software update and the 10.3 downloaded.

icloud still carries a lot of mysteries.
It states that all sharing is doen over 3G as well as wifi, however for people on limited data plans this can result in a very inconvenient carrier invoice.
Does anyone know whether there is such a thing as icloud settings where you could set all cloud functions to wifi only?
Also if a family has ipods and iphone all on one account but for different family members, it does not make sense for parents to share their emails and appointments with the kids and vice versa. Is there an option to select with which devices you share what kind of information?

Yup. My family all have one account and when I tested a download it went to all our iPads. I created a new account and changed my iPad and it warned me that my device would be hosed for 90 days if I changed the store account. I'm not loving this at all !!

I just opened iTunes and checked for upgrades. It says 10.2.2 is still the current version. Iā€™m in Malaysia

Works perfectly for me in US. Downloaded an app and a free song; both times the item appeared on my iPad instantly.

to all, if u see itunes still tells u it's 10.2.2, just go to apple website and download 10.3 urself and install it. good luck !

I don't understand...the developers have 10.5 beta, but the public release is 10.3? What is 10.4 going to open up to the crowd? The OTA syncing?

I already test it but it didn't wok for me. I turned on the sync preferences and download a couple of free songs on my iphone and it didn't appeared on my ipad, They did not even appeared in the purchase history, I have songs that I bought in the past but not the one I bought yesterday. Any idea why is this happening?

downloaded iTunes 10.3 from the Apple website. Installed, but not seeing any iCloud features. No mention of it anywhere, not even the Help file.
iTunes v

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