iTunes 10.3 brings iBookstore to the desktop

The iTunes 10.3 update that came out this week included a little surprise for reading lovers -- iBooks support.

iTunes 10.3 brings the iBookstore to the iTunes Store on your computer and allows you to wirelessly send samples to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the new Automatic Downloads feature. Look in the navigation bar between App Store and Podcasts to find Books, which gives you full access to the iBookstore as well as Audiobooks. The triangle next to Books in the top navigation bar will produce shortcuts to categories such as Fiction & Literature, History, Biographies & Memoirs, and more. Each book includes a Get Sample button; click it to send a sample directly to any or all of your iOS devices once you've turned on Automatic Downloads. You can do this on your device by going to Settings and tapping on Store. You'll also need to confirm that you already have iBooks 1.2.2 or higher. Additionally, if you click the info icon that appears when you hover over a book cover, the downward pointing triangle next to the Buy button (the action menu) in the Quick View window that appears gives you access to both Add to Wishlist and Tell a Friend.

Now how about letting us read them on our PCs as well?

[Inside iTunes

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Reader comments

iTunes 10.3 brings iBookstore to the desktop


I still don't understand the logic behind not being able to read books on your computer purchased in iBooks.

I like this idea...and it's nice to see books in the Store now. I wish I could read books on a Mac or PC, whether through iTunes or (wait for it...) on the web, such as at That would be huge. The main advantage right now of Google is that we can view their books ANYWHERE. Truly anywhere there's a web browser. Apple still doesn't get that part, or doesn't see that as a viable strategy. Ubiquitous access, platform-agnostic. That is what will win over more folks.

i wish too, i don't understand why we can browse and download the books from iBookstore on a mac and can't even read it?
i think they will bring the reading on a mac with Lion...

Yep, that's why I'm on Kindle.... tons of options where to read and use the books, and really good syncing of notes, highlights, etc. between all the platforms. Hopefully Apple will get there someday, though I already have a huge investment in e-books, so I'm not sure what Apple is going to do about that in order to pull me over.

This does not seem to work everywhere. In Denmark where I live, there is no iBookstore in iTunes even though the option to automatically sync book purchases is in the iTunes preferences.
If I log in the US store, I can see and browse the iBook store, but not in the Danish store.
Mind you, it almost exclusively contain free titles so it's pretty useless already :(

The differentiation and navigation between iBooks and Audiobooks is pretty poor. I hope Apple either combines the two or provides a much easier way of switching from one "store" to the other.