iTunes 11 rumored to be in development, include iOS 6 support, better iCloud

iTunes 11 rumored to be in development, include iOS 6 support, better iCloud

Apple may already be hard at work on iTunes 11, the next generation version of their everything-but-the-kitchen-sink media and device management app, and iOS 6 support and better iCloud integration could be part of the feature list. This according to 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman who may have caught glimpse of an iTunes 11 internal development seed.

The above image is an actual screenshot from an internal iTunes 11.0 build, but we have seen more than that. iTunes 11 includes an increased presence of iCloud integration. Perhaps the biggest testament to this is a dedicated iCloud settings panel within iTunes. This panel is a centralized, always accessible spot for users to control iCloud related features while in iTunes. These features include iTunes Match, iTunes in the Cloud, iCloud iOS device backups and more. We’ll have more on this soon.

No word yet on when iTunes 11 would ship, or if it would be the first version of iTunes to offer iOS 6 and expanded iCloud support, or if it would follow an iTunes 10.x release that already included those features.

iTunes 10 was introduced on September 1, 2010 as part of the then-annual Apple Special Music Event and included a new, more beautifully blue icon, a streamlined, less colorful interface, and the Ping social music network. Also released at the event was the iOS 4.1 gold master, iPod touch 4, and the iOS-based Apple TV.

Source: 9to5Mac

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iTunes 11 rumored to be in development, include iOS 6 support, better iCloud


Are they planning to make the software actually work on Windows as well? I'm tired of getting tautological error messages like "The iPhone didn't synchronize because the synchronization didn't start"...

Maybe purchase a Mac, they actually work. PC'S can't run windows let alone software designed for a modern operating system such as Mac OS X.

Have you ever used windows? Clearly not if you think it doesn't work well. Many tech pundits believe windows 7 is better than os x, I've never used os x so I can't comment, but I am 100% happy with windows. And I also fail to see how osx, released in 2001 initially, is "more modern" then windows 7.
Windows and os x are both fine os's, get a clue and quit trolling.

As the owner of a dual-booting iMac, I've found iTunes to suck fairly equally on both platforms (exact same and most recent hardware, mind you).
I find it has to do with having a large library more than anything. The way it has to rewrite the XML library file alone is simply a time killer between tracks. I've actually stopped using media on my PC/Mac as much as possible and prefer IOS devices.

God, I just hope iTunes match gets a fix so that my explicit music doesn't automatically get "cleaned" up and sensored. It's annoying, and had I known this when I purchased it, I would have waited

Hurray for iOS 6 where connected devices finally get connected (live data) apps i.e. widgets.

iTunes needs a name change. My mum asks me why she needs to load iTunes on her Mac in order to put photos on her iPad. For this I have no decent answer. It is a mess.

My brother recommended I might like this website. He was totally right. This put up truly made my day. You can not believe simply how so much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

I sure hope that iTunes Match gets a complete overhaul. I don't like the lack of functionality, but for a first run, it's not too bad. Hopefully it will match more music and to the right ones (i.e. explicit tags vs. clean, album artwork vs. singles)

iTunes 11 is in desperate need of an overhauled Books system. Also, iBooks needs better PDF rendering. I dislike having books not render in iBooks but render perfectly in Adobe Reader for iPad.