iTunes 11.1 is out; adds iOS 7, iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle support and more

iTunes 11.1 is out; adds iOS 7, iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle support and more

Apple has released iTunes 11.1, a new version of iTunes with support for iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle, Podcast Stations and iOS 7 sync support. The new version wasn't available through the Software Update system preference as we checked just now, but is available for download from Apple's web site.

Here's what Apple has to say about the release's new features:

  • iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio is a great new way to discover music. Choose from over 250 stations or start a new one from your favorite artist or song. Enjoy iTunes Radio ad-free once you subscribe to iTunes Match.

  • Genius Shuffle. Introducing a magical new way to experience your music library. Choose Genius Shuffle and iTunes instantly plays songs that go great together. Click it again to hear something new—enjoying your music has never been this easy.

  • Podcast Stations. You can now create custom stations of your favorite podcasts that update automatically with new episodes. Your stations, subscriptions, and current play position sync over iCloud to the Podcasts app.

  • Sync with iOS 7. You can now use iTunes to sync your favorite music, movies, and more to devices with iOS 7. In addition, iTunes now makes it even easier to quickly organize and sync apps to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

If you're not seeing it, refresh periodically - it should update eventually.

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There are 23 comments. Add yours.

KamranMackey says:

It isn't available for Windows yet :(

dpolletta says:

I just downloaded for Windows (64 bit) from Apple's website. Try again.

KamranMackey says:

Are you guys talking iTunes 11.1 or iTunes 11.0.5?

phoon61 says:

the usa site lets you download it, Canadian not yet
i downloaded it in Canada from and i must say its a lot quicker and definitely

Rossome13 says:

i click that link and it gives me 11.0.5

KamranMackey says:

Did you try clearing your cache?

jorbjorb says:

hopefully i can drag drop music from itunes to my iphone now....

John Kerby says:

for PC/Windows iTunes says 11.1 is the current version

applefanboi says: says 11.0.5 still for me. No option for 11.1

EDIT: Had to quit Safari and then refresh the page. Just refreshing didn't work.

paulafrancesca19 says:

i was able to download it but i can't install it. error message stated that my version of windows is not supported..

Heinrich Keyser says:

Will your backups and everything still be there if you update via the web for windows to itunes 11.1

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brunetmj says:

Its waiting for me then i get an error.

Sent from the iMore App

wormeyman says:

It just popped up in the apple software updater for windows for me.

macharborguy says:

i love how when I try to download the iTunes DMG file for my mac off their website, I get a file that is about 300 bytes that wont open.

Derrick4Real says:

did they add browser columns back when viewing the music files actually on your iphone.

hockeyguy14154 says:

Clear your browser cache and 11.1 comes up... Worked for me

akarshc says:

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