iTunes 11.2 update focuses on podcast improvements

iTunes 11.2 update focuses on podcast improvements

In addition to today's update to OS X Mavericks, Apple also today released an update to iTunes. Bringing the music/movies/tv/apps/syncing app to version 11.2 is a host of improvements for podcast listeners.

The podcasts section on iTunes now includes an "All Unplayed" tab that, well, displays all of your unplayed podcasts. There's also a new Feed tab that allows users to browse podcast episodes that are available for downloading or streaming. Additionally, you can now save your favorite podcast episodes onto your computer, and can have episodes be automatically deleted after you're done listening to them.

Speaking of podcasts, if you aren't already, you should be listening to the multitude of Mobile Nations podcasts. They're good — we should know, we make them.

You can grab the iTunes 11.2 update off of the Mac App Store now.

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iTunes 11.2 update focuses on podcast improvements


I'll be happy the day my podcasts tab doesn't freeze up the whole of iTunes, leaving me with no choice but to force quit. Had the same problem with my windows laptop. It only works when no other app is open...

All I want to be able to do is press "play" on iTunes and have it play back all of my podcasts in the order they were broadcast. (This is pretty normal, right? Who wants to hear the latest episode when there are older ones still unplayed?) But this Unplayed feature is locked into reverse chronological order. It would be perfect for my purpose if it only allowed users to display them in what I think of as a much more intuitive, chronological arrangement. As it is, I have to make my own smart playlist to accomplish this. I can reorder everything else in iTunes with the press of a button, why isn't this available for podcasts, which are some of the most time-sensitive content iTunes publishes?