UPDATED: iTunes accounts being hacked, used to cheat App Store?

iTunes account hacks Vietnamese book apps

It looks like there's been a sharp rise in iTunes accounts being hacked. We don't have any solid information on this yet, but when it comes to security TiPb believes in warning first, worrying about the details later. Engadget points to a link between the hacks and the rise in popularity of some Vietnamese book apps. Sounds crazy, but it's absolutely not funny:

As of this writing, 42 of the top 50 books by revenue are from the seller Thuat Nguyen, whose company website ("mycompany") leads to parked site www.home.com. [...] a number of people [are] reporting up to hundreds of dollars being spent unwillingly from their account to these specific books. Coincidence? Let's not mince words here, something is definitely amiss, and it's not looking good. Just to be safe, might wanna check your purchase history under Apple Account information. We've reached out to Apple and will let you know as soon as we hear back.

Checking your account info for fraudulent charges is great advice. Using a long, strong password with numbers, symbols, and letters, and changing it regularly is also good advice.

If you've seen anything suspicious, report the problem to iTunes, and let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: 9to5mac says the "m


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UPDATED: iTunes accounts being hacked, used to cheat App Store?


...a developer gets apps in the store without even a company URL (was a parked blank page) and people still think the approval process is somehow about protecting the platform or it's consumers. Hogwash.
The updated article also points to fraudulent purchases made of other developers' apps, as well as music. These may or may not be linked, but clearly the problem is bigger than one developer.

That's totally racist. How does it make Vietnamese people look bad?
Saying that it does just shows how stupid and ignorant you are. Dumb ass.

Watch out if you visit the app store via facebook. Alot of spamming in there between the good post. I cannot find the article, but as a general rule the iPhone/ iPod touch cannot get a virus, but can be a carrier of one when you plug it in to sync USB with the Mac, or pc.

Viatnamese? I actually thought it was Korean. One of the books that mysteriously appeared on my iPhone was 3200 pages long. I figured my account was hacked. They also charged $10 in songs. I sent a message to iTunes but haven't heard anything back.

I thought the App Store looooong review process is suppose to NOT let these sh*t happen in the first place? No?

My account was hacked and charged over $160.00 to that bookseller. Check your purchase history!

That is because the App Store process is not about protecting consumers. It is about iron-fisted control, denying innovation and competition, and taking 30% off the top.

On Saturday I found 3 charges totaling $104 that were not made by me, this is before I knew about the hack. I changed my itunes account info immediately; password, id and credit card attached to it. Contacted Apple and they are being real stinkers about it. They credited me for $40 of it, but I am still nagging them, especially since I now see that this is a fairly large hack job.