iTunes and App Store get major facelifts for iPhone 5


A big addition to iOS 6 for the iPhone 5 will be a visually revamped App Store and iTunes for both mobile and Mac. The changes include improved performance, previews while browsing, better search results, and sharing out to Facebook and Twitter. Facebook likes will be built into every product page, furthering the social angle.  iTunes for Mac has iCloud built right in, so purchases will easily sync with your iOS devices. On mobile, TV shows, movies, apps, and books will all be accessible through the same interface. 

The new App Store will be launching with iOS 6 on September 16. Anyone else digging the new look? There's still more happening at today's iPhone 5 announcement... 


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iTunes and App Store get major facelifts for iPhone 5


Will we be able to stream iTunes video purchases/rentals on iPad/iPhone instead of having to download them in full? That's how my AppleTV does it- buy a movie, wait a few minutes and begin watching!

Any word about how syncing has changed (or not) in the new version of iTunes? iTunes became notoriously bloated and inefficient. Although I don't sync my devices to iTunes often (relying on iCloud for most of that), I occasionally do so in order to sync movies that I ripped from a DVD or otherwise bought from stores other than iTunes.

I haven't heard anything about syncing, and it makes sense that this redesign would offer an opportunity to fix some of those problems.