Outside the US? No iTunes iCloud music for you until 2012 or later!

If you're outside the US, don't get too excited about iTunes iCloud music services like re-downloading and iTunes Match streaming, because you'll likely have to wait until 2012 if not later before it comes to your region. According to The Telegraph, Apple’s iTunes in the Cloud music storage service will not be coming to UK users until the first quarter of 2012 at the very earliest.  A spokesman for the Performing Right Society (PRS), which is responsible for ensuring songwriters and music publishers are paid for their work told The Telegraph the bad news.

Negotiations with Apple about ensuring rights in the UK had started but were at a “very early stage”. The licensing team at the PRS have started talks with Apple, but are a long way off from any deals being signed…It is very much the early stages of the negotiations and is similar to the launch of iTunes – which began in the US and took a while to roll out to other countries.

The Telegraph also confirmed the details with a major record label executive who told it that talks had started between the major labels and Apple. Again however the term “early stages” was used and it wasn't expected to be completed until 2012.

The story will likely be the same in other countries. One look at how widely supported iTunes TV Show rentals, movies, and other services are around the world shows just how fragmented and complicated media licenses remands. Added to that, media executives in other countries might take a wait-and-see attitude with iCloud, watching US performance, before they even negotiate with Apple.

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Reader comments

Outside the US? No iTunes iCloud music for you until 2012 or later!


Uhm, why exactly do you pirate music? And what difference would music in the cloud make to you. Would it stop you being a thief?

I agree with @SyTheSigh on this one. Logic behind this is / or should be/ simple: I like someone's music, I buy it. It's up to me to choose which device I'll use to play his/her song.
Anybody trying to block this is just paving the way for downloading music illegally -- simple as that.

I am really pissed about this. I alwas thought Apple cares for it's customers and is a global company.
I really can't see what is better with iCloud than MobileMe and now I even can't use the Music stuff. This is really bad. I was hoping to get it here in Germany. What is wrong with the music industy? And why hasn't Apple tried to fix this?
So I will remain using Dropbox instead of iCloud. What is the point? I even might try the Amazon or Google way. Sure I have to upload stuff, but I can actually use it!

What is wrong with the music industy?
And why hasn't Apple tried to fix this?

A lot is wrong with the music industry, unfortunately…! But how is Apple supposed to fix this…?! There's only so much they can do and I'm sure they are trying as hard as they can…

Losing customers because they haven't given them something they didn't have anyway? Your logic is flawed and stupid.

is it confirmed that this applies to canada? i understand how it is a problem in the UK but canada's music piggybacks on the us licensing alot

Disappointed but didn't have it before so won't miss it - I'll wait patiently til 2012(ish) ;-)

Mexico won't get it either...hell, we haven't gotten tv shows yet, so I'm not surprised...disappointed yes, but not surprised...Apple needs to go buy all the music companies and start doing things right.

yeah this annoys the hell out of me too but look at other companies.. can't get Amazon MP3 in AU yet and I don't have a clue where Zune music store is at in terms of coming to AU. but I hold Apple to a higher standard so I'm kinda disappointed that international markets weren't even mentioned at the announcements

How do we know this is confirmed in any other place but the UK , the article is about insuring rights in the UK, no where else.
I think we should wait and see before everyone jumps to conclusions.
But if Canada doesn't get it a whole bunch of people will be very upset, we're not exactly a far away land...

I actually don't give a shit about this so even if it was available in the UK I wouldn't be using it, much the same as other features of ios 5 I won't be using. There are some massive features in ios 5 that I do want but as far as Twitter integration, iCloud and others, they can keep them lol

I don't see how Apple is to blame for this especially when copyright law varies from country to country. Probably the reason why the service is available to the US is due to the fact that Apple is based in the US. Apple wants as many people as possible to use their cloud service and if the process of doing so were as easy as some of you make it out to be, they would have done so. Apple can only do so much as far as copyright goes.

What about those who live outside the continental United States but have U.S. ITunes accounts?

SO PISSED OFF and here i thought apple was being really caring or organised but clearly they aren't it will take some time but surely they could have started these talks earlier they clearly much favour the US over any country as they have the beta we do not! though all of these things are probably a combination of the fact that its easier to setup in its own country and that it will take time internationally but jesus there is clearly some american favouritism get all the american things sorted make sure there up and running then move to all our other customers wwdc 2012 icloud goes international! i am very very very pissed at apple right now

We still haven't got films or tv programmes here in Denmark. So I won't be holding my breath for iTunes Match anytime before I'm too old to use my arthritic fingers to touch any kind of iPad 20 or whatever it is before hell freezes over.
In short, another kick in the nuts from the record companies. Can't they just say 'we agree to the same as the US'? What is there to negotiate further? Cocaine instead of Crack for European execs?

If someone has paid for music, they own the royalty to listen to it whenever they may choose, apple should simply be allowing you to download it if you have lost it providing it is not reproduced anywhere else, shouldn't it be easy as just adding the option?

Ahhh... yet more douches who think this is an excuse to pirate music. May I remind you that all this means is that whatever you buy on your iPhone will not AUTOMATICALLY appear on your computer. However, the syncing of music files works just like before, so any time you connect with your computer, iTunes will transfer your purchases, if you have selected that option.