iTunes Extras are now on Apple TV, coming this fall to iOS 8

If you have an Apple TV, you can now dive into your iTunes Extras on your biggest screen — and in the not-too-distant-future you'll be able to do that on an iOS 8equipped iPhone or iPad as well. The fun part of the Apple TV getting iTunes Extras is that the feature was remotely enabled a week after last week's Software Update 6.2. Now when hitting play on a movie with iTunes Extras on Apple TV, users are presented with the option to either play said movie or to jump into said movie's Extras.

The new iTunes Extras for HD Movies also change how iTunes Extras work. Instead of downloading as a separate package, the Extras are now streamed from the web. Considering that the Apple TV only has enough onboard storage to serve as a buffer, that's a good thing — it also means you get to start into your Extras faster, instead of waiting for the complete package to download.

Not all movies with iTunes Extras have them available for Apple TV just yet, though Apple says that they will be a free and automatic addition as they are made available. Movies with support for iTunes Extras on the Apple TV display an applicable badge so you know.

iTunes Extras will also be available on iPhone and iPad for the first time when iOS 8 is released later this fall.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

iTunes Extras are now on Apple TV, coming this fall to iOS 8


Yes! My long nightmare is over!

Welcome back iTunes Extras!

Note: These are new iTunes Extras, so only the movies that have the new ones (not the original ones) work on Apple TV.

The update info says that new iTunes Extras will be automatically added to your previously purchased HD movies as they become available -- at no extra charge.

I'm happy because Apple TV has been having some serious connection issues with iTunes since the recent last update for me. Hopefully these dual updates will fix that.

What I'm not pleased about (at least in the past) is that the iTunes extra downloads were mandatory downloads and hard to NOT get (for those of us that see the iTunes extra content as mere advertising). Now they are in the cloud perhaps they won't be "in your face" so much? The last thing I want to see is iTunes nagging me to download "extras" all the time.

With the announcements at WWDC and now iTunes Extras on Apple TV and iOS 8, it seems that Apple is Hell-bent on addressing any pet peeves that I've had over the last few years. I wonder if this will eventually apply to iTunes LP content as well considering that it's essentially iTunes Extras for music.

has anyone gotten this to work?? if so, how? what am i doing wrong here?


ok, so i have to go to "movies" as opposed to "computers" then movies.. hmmm... i wish it would just stream it from my itunes.. i don't like streaming already downloaded content from the net because my internet is country-crap.. so it works..ish.. it is slower than LTE, about equal if not slightly better than 3G...

You now can't download (or view since they are now streaming) iTunes extras unless you upgrade to OS 10.9.3. If you are using any other OS on a macbook or desktop you won't get the iTunes extras. Totally bogus on apple's part to strand millions of users who don't want the buggy upgrade to the OS.