iTunes Festival app gets an update for SXSW, doesn't require iOS 7.1 that you don't have

iTunes Festival gets a 2014 update

Earlier this week we wrote about an impending update for the iTunes Festival app that was expected to require iOS 7.1 and thus would mean that iOS 7.1 would be coming soon and that's not what happened at all.

Well, the iTunes Festival app did get an update for SXSW with a refreshed design good for the iTunes Festival at SXSW (starting March 11 and running through the 15th with the likes of Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar, Capital Cities, Keith Urban, and Willie Nelson all in attendance). But it didn't get a requirement for iOS 7.1 — in fact the minimum required version is a mere iOS 7.0.

That doesn't mean that iOS 7.1 and all of the improvements and fixes that we've been hoping for aren't coming in the near future. All it means is that we won't need it to use the updated iTunes Festival app. And that maybe reading the tea leaves of unreleased release notes isn't the best way to divine when to expect something like an iOS update.

Anyway, the new app is available with its new design with plenty of time to spare before the iTunes Festival at SXSW kicks off next week (SXSW 2014 at large starts tomorrow). But even without a dependency on an updated iOS, what are you most hoping will come in iOS 7.1… whenever it is released?

Derek Kessler

Managing Editor of Mobile Nations, Army musician, armchair pundit, and professional ranter.

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asuperstarr says:

Just downloaded. I can't wait for some of the great performers at SXSW.

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digitaldeath187 says:

Spoke to soon. Now you're stuck explain yourself

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ggore says:

This does not alleviate the problem that almost 5 months after its introduction, we are still stuck with the buggy iOS 7. I like it, but goodness, it's long past time for a fix for some of the issues that plague it. Maybe they'll get a version to developers at WWDC so we will get it sometime in the Fall. (hyperbole intended)

steimel says:

Do NOT forget the mighty Soundgarden!

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SockRolid says:

"But it didn't get a requirement for iOS 7.1 — in fact the minimum required version is a mere iOS 7.0."

Good move by Apple, silly speculation by bloggers (ahem, Gruber). Apple doesn't need to drive iOS downloads by requiring updates to unlock high-profile events. Users snap up the latest version anyway.

Oh, and the 2013 London iTunes Festival looked and worked perfectly on iOS 6, weeks before iOS 7 was released to the public. The technology is already in place.