iTunes Festival highlights: The best moments of 2013

Apple has just posted a YouTube video showing off highlights of their 2013 iTunes Festival. It encompassed 60 artists over 30 nights, and according to Apple, these are the moments you might have missed. Give it a watch and let me know - what did you think of the show?

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iTunes Festival highlights: The best moments of 2013


I've watched a few of the concerts and have been turned on to some new music I didn't know about. iTunes Festival is a fantastic thing!

iTunes Festival has been fabulously entertaining. I have watched most of the performances on Apple TV with my Sound Bar cranked. My favorite shows thus far are Lady Gaga, Paramore, Elton John, Chic/Nile Rogers, Haim, Aloe Blacc, and The Lumineers. I will catch up on missed shows this weekend.

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Surprised to see actor Jared Leto in Thirty Seconds to Mars. Not sure if I want to own any of their music, but that guy can really work the room.

I think iTunes Festival is a fantastic system. Yes, it's great for music fans, but I think it's also an extremely powerful proof-of-concept of Apple's end-to-end video technology. Live and pre-recorded video streamed to all iOS and OS X devices. I think it's a preview of Apple's future television technology.

Apple likes to test next-gen technology in the open. Those early click-wheel iPod games and their purchase and delivery system morphed into the iOS and OS X App Stores. iTunes appeared months before the first iPod with "Rip. Mix. Burn." ads and CD-mixing, then evolved into the foundation of Apple's video and music infrastructure.

iTunes Festival, although it is about music and musicians on the surface, is really about video and internet television. It's a clear signal to the incumbents in the TV industry that Apple's technology is ready, that Apple has enormous mindshare, and that they're just waiting until the appropriate contracts are signed and the time is right to implement their next-gen television strategy.

I was excited about this after seeing Queens of the Stone Age on the list of artists, but ended up disappointed because of the sound quality. Are the other shows as muffled as this one was?

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