iTunes hits a billion podcast subscriptions, highlights some of the best to celebrate

iTunes is perhaps the first place many of us discovered some of our favorite podcasts, and now Apple has announced a pretty impressive 1 billion podcast subscriptions. To celebrate, Apple is currently highlighting some of the best podcasts from across the world, covering a pretty broad range of subject areas. That magic billion covers over 250,000 unique podcasts, 100 different languages and over 8 million individual episodes.

Of course, our very own iMore Show along with the rest of the Mobile Nations podcasts are all available to subscribe to in iTunes as well, so why not join in the celebrations. If you haven't subscribed already, hit up the various links below for all your favorite shows! Here's to the next billion!

  • iMore Show: Everything Apple, with a special focus on iPhones and iPads.
  • ZENandTECH: Our lifestyle show, or how to use the tech you love without letting is use you!
  • Debug: Interviews with the best app and game developers around.
  • Iterate: All about the designers who make the apps and interfaces you love.
  • Android Central Podcast: Everything Android, with a healthy dose of Google.
  • Podcast: BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry 10 devices like the Z10 and Q10.
  • WPCentral Podcast: Everything Windows Phone, with a bit of Surface, Xbox, and Microsoft.
  • Mobile Nations Podcast: World's collide, and sparks fly, in our all-mobile show!
  • Talk Mobile 2013: Our big summer event, in easy podcast form!
  • Ad-Hoc: Mostly movies, but the potential for anything and everything!

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Reader comments

iTunes hits a billion podcast subscriptions, highlights some of the best to celebrate


That's a nice surprise, especially in the expanding media universe where the growth of internet radio is also competing for listeners.

Of all the podcasts, that's all you highlight? =\

Keith and the Girl and Nobody Likes Onions - 2 of the podcasts that ushered in what we enjoy now. They've both hit 8 years and counting.

Adam Carolla - Everyone knows him, he can be an ass, but there's no denying he is funny. Some of the biggest guests on any podcast.

The Nerdist with Chris Hardwick - Chris has guests such as Jon Hamm, Simon Pegg and freaking Mel Brooks! Mel Brooks!!

Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend - A spin-off of Adam Carolla, Alison is funny as hell, and is an excellent interviewer.

The entire Afterbuzz network has some stellar after show podcasts for things like Breaking Bad, Mad Men and so on.

And that's just a sampling. The Dr. Drew show (his own and the one with Adam) is worth a listen and there's Mark Maron of course.