iTunes Movie Trailers gets its turn on the iOS 7 red carpet

iTunes Movie Trailers gets its turn on the iOS 7 red carpet

Apple today showed off several apps that are getting their makeup redone for iOS 7, including the entire iWork and iLife suites. But they’re not alone, glittering in the spotlight, for following them down the red carpet today is iTunes Movie Trailers.

The update just pushed out into the App Store for both iPad and iPhone, sporting a black-on-black theme with the flat motif and blurring toolbars that iOS 7 is known for. The darkness of Trailers (and the buttered popcorn color of the highlights are a stark contrast to the otherwise almost universally bright and white iOS 7. But given that theaters are typically dark places where the space around you is supposed to get out of the way in deference to the film, perhaps it’s all too fitting.

Derek Kessler

Managing Editor of Mobile Nations, Army musician, armchair pundit, and professional ranter.

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mjcostajr says:

All these updates are very exciting! Though, I'm really excited about iMore for iOS 7...where are you?!

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kravex says:

Not in the UK store, US only for now.