iWatch reportedly being shown off in September, shipped next year

iWatch might see September reveal, but not ship until 2015

While it's still expected to be announced at Apple's September 9 event, it appears that Apple's iWatch —or whatever they ultimately name their first wearable — may not be available for a while after. The time between the unveiling and launch will be at least a few months, with the device actually launching after the holiday season, according to John Paczkowski of Re/code:

Sources in position to know tell me it won't arrive at market for a few months. "It's not shipping any time soon," said one. So when does Apple plan to ship its eagerly anticipated wearable? That's not clear, but my understanding is that we're unlikely to see it at retail until after the holiday season — think early 2015.

While that would make the wait between the debuted and actual product launch at least five months, it's not unprecidented. The original Apple TV was first shown off in the fall of 2006 but didn't ship until spring of 2007. iPhone launched six months after its January 2007 unveiling, and the iPad launched just under four months after its January 2010 debut.

It could be that Apple wants to show off the integration between the iWatch and the iPhone 6, even if the iWatch isn't quite ready to ship yet.

Apple may also want to give developers time to prepare apps for the device, if they're supported. And, of course, Apple certainly wants to show off their wearable before parts leak or FCC or FDA approval processes leak.

The iWatch is rumored to include integration with HealthKit for health and fitness tracking, HomeKit for home automation control, and hooks into a new mobile payment system that could be part of iOS 8.

Either way, we'll know more in just over a week. When would you like to see Apple's wearable ship?

Source: Re/code

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iWatch reportedly being shown off in September, shipped next year


If development needs to be done before store release, then I am all for it. I don't want to continually looking for months until even 1 app is developed for it. The wait will be worth it.

One of the reasons the iPhone was announced early was because FCC approval would have leaked it. Maybe the same applies here? Also makes sense to reveal with an iPhone update as it's probably more of an accessory than a standalone device. (so, it's not likely to have an App Store).

* unprecedented - 3rd paragraph.

What makes me believe there will be no iWatch now is the total lack of leaks, not a single piece of this device has surfaced.

Worthless. Just another overrated notifications watch imagine how boring the actual iphone is.

Now put that in a watch and you're going to need to be taking medication to not be bored out your mind.

No thanks the Galaxy Gear Solo a true Wrist watch communicator is all anyone would need.

From my Galaxy Note 3 On T-Mobile via iMore App

Excelente Apple Twitter en demarque I'm so Marie fue mi Vieques viene siendo Monsiváis cuesta que se sa fue

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As soonest afternoon is Apple is ready to put in the eye watch or whatever where Boulder going to call it will be put on the market

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Ever since Tim Cook said they'll be looking to explore new product categories in 2014, I've kinda assumed they'd only announce what they're working on. Haven't expected an iWatch to come out this year, especially since there have been no leaks.

And most importantly, it gives potential customers time to reload their credit cards after buying new iPhones and iPads in the fall/winter.

This would be a brilliant move to freeze the market. No one will buy a Samsung, LG or Motorola device until Apple actually ships. That will kill the holiday sales for those devices.

Actually I don't think it will affect their sales much since most of the smart watches those companies produce are only for android with the exception of samsung. I feel the iWatch will only work for iOS so they are different markets.

it also happened with the mac pro that was 3-4 months between announcement and the shipping quickly jumped startlingly high so as you point out all the greats started this way so it makes sense

Such a shame. It was going to be my Christmas present to myself. But I'm happy to wait for a product that is finished.

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Goal is for Tim Cook to say "One more thing..." for the very first time. With all the Chinese leaks the last few product launches had absolutely nothing that hadn't been revealed in the rumor sites. The only way to keep something secret these days at Apple is stick within the HQ dev team.

I'm cool with this approach. Give us a great preview of the most hotly anticipated wearable. Then perfect and release it 'right on time' for the public to enjoy it, because who really wants to be a beta tester that bad:-)

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I'm pretty bummed to hear this. Of course I'd rather they take their time and get it right but I was really excited to hear this was being announced and hopefully released soon.

My only fear is that will require an iphone 6 to work. I really hope they don't lock out older devices (I personally have a 5S). If they are going to the lengths to announce the watch with the iPhone 6, instead of waiting for another special event later in the year (like the ipad event), it makes me wonder if the 2 will be locked together.