iWatch reportedly being put through the paces by pro athletes

HealthKit in iOS 8

The Apple iWatch is anticipated to include loads of fitness capabilities, and to test them Apple has reportedly turned to several professional athletes. If there's anybody who would know what they need out of a fitness gadget, it'd be those for whom sports is their job. And so, Apple is reported to have called in athletes from the MLB, NHL, and NBA to help in testing out the wearable.

According to 9to5Mac:

Apple is said to be working with Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Kings right winger Dustin Brown, and a few other star athletes, including a player from the Boston Red Sox, on the testing project. The athletes are said to have signed non-disclosure-agreements regarding the existence of the upcoming Apple wearable device. Nonetheless, Bryant was spotted at Apple's campus last month meeting with Apple design chief Jony Ive. Indeed, the meeting between the pair is said to have been in regards to "iWatch" testing.

The testing is said to have taken place "on multiple occasions over the past several weeks", with the athletes in question visiting Apple's Cupertino headquarters for briefings. The integration of fitness sensors and tracking in an iWatch would tie closely to the Apple M7 motion co-processor that's included in modern iOS devices as well as the health-tracking HealthKit software built into iOS 8.

We aren't expecting to see an iWatch for several more months, but what would you like to see it track, fitness-wise?

Source: 9to5Mac

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iWatch reportedly being put through the paces by pro athletes


This is getting very interesting I would like some sort of stress indicator and a Mood Ring type of sensor

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If I was working on a wearable device I'd stop right now. Just wait till Apple releases their device, sells millions, becomes mainstream, and then make a very similar device, cheaper with most of the same features, learn what works and what doesn't, and boom town, success! Isn't that how it usually works?

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You forgot the part where you pay astroturfers to talk about how your device spells certain doom for Apple!

As someone living with Type-1 Diabetes, I'd absolutely love to see iWatch (or whatever name it is given) have the ability to monitor blood glucose levels. Currently I have to pierce my finger multiple times per day to get a blood sample, and iWatch monitoring unobtrusively and routinely throughout the day is something that would greatly impact upon my life (certainly for the better). If it was able to do that, I'd also happily pay insane amounts of money to this technology in my life.

I concur. My father has type 1 and a wife who has debilitating dementia. I worry about him going low at night and not knowing it. Maybe a notification of low level readings to healthcare powers of attorney could be sent in order to activate EMS?

Oh for sure, something like that would be absolutely brilliant!

I'd love even the vibrate feature which tried to wake me up first of it noticed that my sugar was dropping (before it got to a critical level), as this would also stop me from checking my sugar at least once per night as I currently do.

Let's hope Apple can address all of these issues, and really help to make the world a better place, for diabetics and for many other millions of people, who worry about the various health conditions they may have.

Blood sugar monitoring would be an impressive development. I'd also like that watch to be able to monitor advanced fitness movements, such as weight lifting movements. Most watches now (except a few that are still at pre-order or project development stage) cannot do that, and are therefore of little use to people (like me) that do not care about tracking their daily steps or burned calories.