iWork for iCloud updated for OS X and iOS, free with any new iPhone, iPad, or Mac

iWork for iCloud updated for OS X and iOS, free with any new iOS device or Mac

Numbers, Keynote, and Pages which comprise Apple's iWork suite have all been updated for both iOS and OS X. New features include collaboration tools to work in documents in conjunction with others. All three apps are also now free with the purchase of any new iOS device or Mac.

The entire iWork suite has been updated with full file compatibility across all devices, both iOS and Mac. All three apps have been updated with refreshed interfaces on both platforms.

One of the largest new features of iWork for iCloud is collaboration tools for iWork which lets you work live with someone else on the same document, much in the same way you can with other editing tools such as Google Docs. Other new features include the ability to share links from your Mac right to iWork to iCloud with anyone else using iWork for iCloud.

The updated versions of iWork for iCloud is available for free for both Mac and iOS starting today.

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Reader comments

iWork for iCloud updated for OS X and iOS, free with any new iPhone, iPad, or Mac


Do they consider an iPhone 5s purchase opening weekend eligible for the free apps? Would be pretty crappy if only iPhone 5s/c purchases starting today were eligible.

What didn't get addressed on either OS X or iOS versions is this. I bought these apps (iLife twice on OS X)

Do I have to pay for the new versions or are they free updates? Have to assume free, right? Meaning anyone who ever paid for them (in the respective App Store) gets the updates, and anyone that didn't gets them free with their next Mac/iOS Device purchase?

I just bought a new iPhone not even a week ago, so this is going to exclude me, isn't it? If so, that's a real nice way to burn a new customer, Apple.

I think my concern is warranted. To be left out of this boon after purchasing my iPhone not even five days ago would greatly displease me. I couldn't blame Apple if my purchase was a month beforehand but that's not the case. I'll be as negative as I please if I can't partake of this offer.

Its so dumb that new customers are getting this but they are still charging old customers. I mean shouldn't there be some middle ground for those of us who don't necessarily want to spend umpteen dollars on a brand new unit? Like 50% off or something?

Per Apple: If you recently purchased a Mac that did not include the latest versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote, you may be eligible to download these apps for free.