How to use MobileMe iDisk for easier iWork for iPad file transfer

Apple's MobileMe News has posted a helpful entry on using MobileMe's iDisk for easier file transfer for the just-updated iWork apps for iPad.

With the latest Keynote, Pages and Numbers for iPad, you can now transfer your documents directly to and from your MobileMe iDisk so you can work on them anywhere you have an Internet connection. For example, create a new Pages document on your iPad and copy it directly to your iDisk. Then, when you are back at your Mac, open the document from iDisk and continue editing right where you left off.

If you're working from a Windows PC, access your iDisk with a browser at and upload an existing Microsoft Office document. Copy the document into Keynote, Pages or Numbers on your iPad to view it or make edits. When you've finished working on the document, copy it back to your iDisk as either an iWork, Microsoft Office or PDF file.

It will also work with WebDAV. Would that it would work with, DropBox, and GoogleDocs...

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Reader comments

How to use MobileMe iDisk for easier iWork for iPad file transfer


I'm still not sure I "need" MobileMe. I use a PC, but have iPhone & iPad now, so...? Google sync has worked so well for me I just can't pull the trigger on MM...yet

Why not use DropBox? It's free and a no brainer to use. I just can't bring myself to pay $99 a year for MobileMe when there are free solutions to most of it's features that work just as well, if not better.

I only pay $69 for MobileMe when I buy something from Apple & it's worth it for me. Push email that reconciles everywhere, intergrated upload of photos from camera app, find my iPhone & iPad (worth the cost by itself), calendar sync to my mac iPhone & iPad, and web based photo gallery. There are other benefits but those are the ones I use frequently.

I think purchasing MobileMe really depends on how you run your day to day tasks. For me, I've had a Mac for 4 years, an iPhone since the 3G, and most recently an iPad. Address Book doesn't always play nice with Google, so for me, MobileMe is a great alternative. All my contacts and calendars sync across my devices seamlessly. Plus, you can buy an "old" copy on Amazon for $50. Like I said, it depends on what you do. I'm so deep in the Apple ecosystem that MobileMe is a no-brainer.

@firesign3000, I do have a DropBox account also. Still playing with it. It does display documents on my iPhone better than Google Docs.

Its easy to find Mobile Me for around $60 on Amazon, eBay and many other places. It's a bargain for what you get.

I have MobileMe family pack mainly for my wife and I who both have iPhones and our daughter who uses a iPod. I sync up my work calender and contacts with it and home computer with it so that way if I lose my job for any reason, I have all my info available. I've never been crazy about Gmail's calender and contact sync.
My wife's lost her phone a few times and the MM saved us when we were able to find the phone and when we weren't, she didn't lose any contacts or her calender because she sync'd everything once I reset it back up.
DropBox has been useful for me to transfer files between work and home daily.

For my needs, Mobile Me is missing one BIG feature: the ability to accept meeting requests from Exchange. It's the one reason why I still maintain a hosted Exchange Server.

I'm with James. Buy it with hardware. I didn't originally want to pull the trigger either but I used it for a year and I just renewed last week when I got my iPhone 4. $69 is a good deal. When you can buy a new phone and walk out of the store with your address book, all your email and your calendar on your phone. It's pretty nice. And I like being able to screen lock my phone remotely. Left it in my buddies car one day and of course no one wants people rummaging through their phone. Well I screenlocked it before I even called him to tell him it was in his car still. He hadn't even gotten home yet. Good stuff.

@Firesign3000: I'm partial to filesdirect, myself, but I know what you mean: there are a lot of services that give you these features for a lot less money...

MobileMe with the new Calendar bets is almost perfect for me. All that's missing now is a to do sync and a to do app for iPhone...