Are you jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad on iOS 5.1.1? [Poll]

We're keeping this one really simple, iMore Nation -- Absinthe 2.0 was released this morning and it lets you untethered jailbreak most iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads running iOS 5.1.1... So are you going to do it?

If you're already jailbroken on iOS 5 (like I am) is there anything that makes it super compelling for you to upgrade to iOS 5.1.1 and re-jailbreak? Any new features you've been lusting after for a while? Any security updates you're really concerned about?

And if you've never jailbroken before, does Absinthe's ease of use tempt you to give it a try? Have you been frustrated by anything you couldn't do in stock iOS that's making you want to pull the trigger on jailbreak?

Vote in the poll above and give me your reasons in the comments below! If you need extra help, head on over to our fabulous jailbreak forums!

I'm still undecided. I'm leaning towards my current jailbreak not being broke, so why fix it? Let me know what you're doing while I decide what I'm going to do...

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Are you jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad on iOS 5.1.1? [Poll]


Well I had to restore to iOS 5.1.1. after screwing my phone up on the 5.0.1 jailbreak, so I've been waiting anxiously for this, but even if I was on the 5.0.1 jailbreak I'd still do it just for deleting photostream pictures.

An untethered JB beats tethered any day. I keep my Jailbreak pretty simple and backing up Winterboard tweaks is a snap so I'll be doing it for sure. I will also be doing it on my iPad 3 just because it will be fun to try some of the tweaks on the beast. Jailbreak4Lyfe ;.)

I already jailbreaked (jailbroke?) my iPad 3. I followed the directions on the Absinthe site, but it wouldn't go through. Eventually I found someone who said they had to go through the initial configuration after clearing all data on the iPad, then the jailbreak worked fine.

I'd stick with 5.0.1 Georgia mainly because 5.1.1 battery life sucks compared to 5.0.1 (drains faster) and there aren't major updates. I had to update because my springboard kept crashing and I couldn't restore after the 5.1 update came out. And also most users are reporting that this jailbreak isn't working so it's a hit or miss until the bugs are fix. If I were you I'd stay with 5.0.1.

Every tweak that I want cannot be installed for 2 reasons: MobileSubstrate and libstatusbar not installed (I need this for tweaks like MyWi), and Tweaks have no 5.1.X support. so as of this moment, I'm stuck with as simple cydia app.

I'd lost some basic iOS 5 features somewhere between 5.0 & the 5.0.1 JB. They've now been restored w/ 5.1.1 + JB! Now waiting for the servers to cool so I can install my remaining tweaks. Thanks JB Dev Team(s)!

i'm probably gonna do it. i'm jailbroken on 5.1 but i think iphoto won't work with it. That said i did suffer from something fixed in the recent update. i just need to read about it and find out if i'm gonna lose all my installed apps, my jailbreak apps, my 40 gbs of music if i update and jailbreak? will i need to reinstall all the jailbreak apps or will they work? that's what i need to figure out.

Open absinth package, open macosx folder, open a terminal Window, drag absinth 10.6 to terminal Window, hit enter...
Absinth start on 10.8 bèta 3...!!!

I'll do it on my 4 first cause I need to turn off A2DP to stop me losing alerts when I get in the car cause the iPod app starts and thinks it's playing over A2DP when the car audio doesn't support it, so silence!
Maybe on the 4S later.

Yes, but I hate the lables. "Team Jailbreak" vs. "Team Pure"…really? Is it a competition?

I'm thinking about jailbreaking my new iPad (3rd gen). Can someone give me a quick run down of what I will no longer have access to? Also, what cool stuff will I have access to if I do jailbreak? Thanks in advance.

Absolutely JBing. Been waiting forever to do it on the 4S. SBSettings and SBProfiles are the two main reasons.

The company I work for has a VPN client that won't work on JB'ed devices. BYOD is getting bigger in the Enterprise, I'm sure there will be increasing pressure from IT departments to stay pure if you want the device to connect to your intranet.

I think 5.1.1 was more of a security hole fix according to different tech sites. I am team pure, yes hate me now, but I totally believe in the jailbreak community. Without them, the iPhone would not be the device it is today. I was willing to do it on an iPod Touch, but when a buddy's iPhone crashed badly after a jailbreak, it put me off to jailbreaking for now. I know one persons bad experience should not make, or break my wanting, but I will wait.

Don't Do it !
I Did And All Of The Apps I Specifically Jail Broke For Are NOT Available, As In, Simple NOT In Cydia ! !
WinterBoard Etc.
These Apps Are NO Where To Be Found - If You're Happy With What You Have Now Stay With It And Don't Get Greedy ( Like I Did ), Jump The Gun And Have Literally Only A Dozen Or So Items In The Cydia Store . . .

I didn't lose anything, I was unaware that all that was needed is to open cydia, select 'changes' and that up at the upper right is a 'Refresh' button. It has been refreshing for over 4 hours but all of my items were listed and present. I found my 'APT BackUp' App. ReInstalled it and selected restore and it worked just as advertised. I did need to manually restore my 'CarbonX HD' theme and also 'GridLock' but the remainder of the apps were all still there except for 1 iTunes App 'TipQuick Tip Calculator' I am actually super impressed on how well everything restored and is configured just like pre 5.1.1

I jailbroke my iP4s within hours of the of the release. Unfortunely it was the buggiest JB I've ever had (multiple random reboots & re-springs). While it never really effected me at an important time, I didn't like it occurring.
Now that I'm on 5.1.1 I can delete photos from photo stream, use iPhoto & latest version of numbers & pages. Plus I get all the latest security fixes and still get my beloved jailbreak. For me it's a win - win.

I'm still on 5.0.1 and I think ill be staying with it for a little. My battery life is great (even with brightness at about 90%) All the tweaks and apps I need work great and haven't had any problems at all. So, I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it does apply in my case, at least for a little while longer.

Currently on 5.0.1 JB. I plan to update to 5.1.1 JB to get a clean install. Waiting for any bugs to come up and be sorted out in the jailbreak. My one reason for updating is that I am hoping for slightly better battery life. I don't expect miracles but I'm thinking I may have an issue with my current setup.