Jawbone UP app adds meal suggestions

Jawbone UP24

Though the Jawbone UP app is mostly used for direct fitness tracking, it tracks meals too, and the latest update improves on this feature by offering a second food suggestion based on the first item you enter. It does this by crowdsourcing data from other Jawbone UP users and determining common combinations.

The latest app update also adds weight-based goal tracking, logs water intake, and offers simple scores for food items based on how healthy they are.

As always, Jawbone UP tracks how much you're excercising, how much you're sleeping, and offers simple alerts from your mobile device. Be sure to take a deep dive into our Jawbone UP24 review.

How many of you guys have a Jawbone UP? What's your favorite fitness band? Do you track your meals through your mobile device?

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Jawbone UP app adds meal suggestions


This seems like a great new addition to the app, the best personal activity tracker just got that much better. I guess time will tell if it works as well as My Fitness Pal, or My Net diary, but as of right now I am really impressed with the changes made to the calorie tracker side of the app.

I LOVE my UP24 band so much more then I did my fitbit. It feels more comfortable and in my opinion has a much more stylish look. I've had people ask me plenty of times what that band/bracelet is I'm wearing. I love how they've built in powerful multi-platform support so that my Withings smart body analyzer scale can share that info directly with my UP app. The new updates jawbone have added today also include an easier way of tracking weight and setting weight goals. Previously the app didn't track weight very intuitively and you could only set sleep and fitness goals.

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