Jawbone UP sleep, nutrition, and exercise monitor for iPhone

Not content with merely making some of the best Bluetooth headsets and wireless speakers in the business, Jawbone expanded their product line this year with the Jawbone UP. A small, light bracelet, you wear it around your wrist and along with an iPhone companion app, it keeps track of how you're sleeping, how much exercise you're doing, and what you're eating.

Live at CES 2012 we talk to Jawbone about the future of UP, the updated they're pushing out, and why they feel mobile lifestyles encompass more than the traditional product lines.

Jawbone UP sleep, nutrition, and exercise monitor for iPhone

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Reader comments

Jawbone UP sleep, nutrition, and exercise monitor for iPhone


Did they touch on their previous production issues with the UP, and how they've addressed them? I was really looking forward to purchasing one, until the barrage of negative reviews started hitting the interwebs.

At least they should behind the shipped products and are refunding money. The two that we bought are working fine, and are waiting to get a third one. Hopefully back in production shortly.

I bought on it lasted a month then would not hold charge. They sent a new one to me and it just crapped out again. This will be my third one. How can they show a product of like this and not fixed issue yet? Yes I am happy I got my money back but still, fix the product before you show in off more and get it all hyped.....

How can JAWBONE even talk about the flawed UP at CES, nevermind iMore covering it without asking when they are going to have a fully working product.
However I love my Jambox

These things were the biggest POS ever released........I went through 5 units and am still waiting for my latest replacement. Jawbone has always made superior headsets.......perhaps they should stick with that product line.